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Podcast 28 : Calling your work by its real name

One subject we’ve touched upon in previous episodes, and that I see coming up again and again with the people who take my courses or the women I mentor is this issue: ‘what do I call myself?’ In this week’s mini episode, I’m sharing why I encourage everyone to take themselves and their work seriously, and

Podcast 27: Brand styling the psychology of colour, with The Brand Stylist

“it helps you make meaningful, intentional decision that should last a lot longer than fashion” Fiona Humberstone empowers entrepreneurs to create powerful brands. A bestselling author and fearless entrepreneur, we met, somewhat randomly, on a ship in the Thames earlier this summer, where I was struck by her insight,  enthusiasm and warmth. I called her

Podcast 26: Owning your opinions in print, with Hadley Freeman

“It’s not so much that I have confidence in my opinions – it’s just that I think I’m saying the obvious!” This week’s episode is a bit of a fangirl moment for me –  Hadley Freeman, author, journalist and Guardian columnist is somebody whose writing and wisdom has inspired me for a number of years.

Podcast 24: How to stop caring what everyone thinks, with Sas Petherick

“When we use acceptance or rejection as a determining factor of our worth in human beings, that’s when we get screwed.” (or, my personal favourite quote from this ep – “You’ve got to spend an awful lot of time with Patrick Swayze in a lake.” 😆) Sas’ website | blog | Instagram | Facebook Sas Petherick is a coach specialising in helping women

Podcast 23: How to stop playing small, with Tara Mohr

“A lot of us have some sort of sinking, subtle awareness that we’re playing small – even if we don’t know exactly what we mean by that. We have this feeling – I’m hiding, I’m holding back, I’m not using my gifts, I’m not really trusting my ideas.” Tara’s website | blog | Instagram | Twitter  Sound familiar?

Podcast 22: Why your audience isn’t growing

“The content is the key, every single time.” This week on Hashtag Authentic, it’s just me! For this solo episode, I’m chatting about some of the reasons your audience has either stopped growing, or why you’ve plateaued. We are fortunate to have an online creative community that allows us instant gratification , i.e. feedback, and this sort of