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Podcast 8 – Why every online creative needs a mailing list

This episode is ‘mailing list 101’, for people who don’t have one, people who think they don’t need one, or for people who have one but aren’t doing anything about it. Over the last three years I have worked with hundreds of makers, writers, photographers, shop owners, bloggers and creatives through my instagram coaching &

Podcast 7: Finding your right people online, with Tara Swiger

“You don’t want to be Walmart. You want to make the people who you serve ridiculously excited.” Tara’s instagram | site| twitter | blog & podcast | youtube Tara Swiger is an infectuously enthusiastic US-based author and business coach for makers and creatives, & one of my favourite people online. (She’s also more Star Trek than Star Wars, but we’ll forgive her

Podcast 5 – Avoiding the comparison trap

Listen in iTunes | Listen in Soundcloud  ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’. We’ve all heard, read or pinned it on Pinterest, but how can we keep our worry about other people’s success in perspective, and avoid falling into the comparison trap? This week I share lessons about learning from our envy at other people’s achievements, and

Podcast 3 – Following your creative instincts, with @5ftinf

This week I’m talking to Philippa Stanton of 5ftinf, about authenticity, staying fresh and creative, and following our obsessions wherever they may take us…  Philippa’s Instagram | Twitter | Steller Stories | Blog  Things we mentioned: My Luke Skywalker obsession Steller Stories app Listen and subscribe in iTunes, or in Soundcloud below. & as always,

Podcast #2 – 5 authentic ways to get more instagram followers

How can you get more instagram followers without having to resort to shady tactics? Is it still possible to grow just by using honest engagement and great content? In this week’s Podcast I’m sharing the 5 deceptively simple strategies I’ve used to grow my account to 168k that can work for everybody, right now. Subscribe

7 inspiring podcasts for online creatives

Podcasts are my main source of education these days. It used to be books, or online articles – but since having Orla and starting my business I’ve found it increasingly hard to find the time (and, er, to stay awake long enough) to just sit and read. Enter, the podcast. I listen while I drive.