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Podcast 13: Selling yourself, & money talk, with Sarah Von Bargen

Sarah’s Blog | Twitter | Instagram |Pinterest | Facebook β€œAnything that has ever changed your life – that person had to stop being afraid of self promotion. They had to pitch the book agent, they had to write promotional tweets, they had to work with a PR agency and talk themselves up. That’s the reality of putting

Podcast 12: The power of personal projects, with Xanthe Berkeley

“It pushes me to create in a different way. It pushes me to create just for me.” Xanthe Berkeley is a photographer and videographer with a penchant for stop-frame photography and cheerful colour. A a self-confessed ‘project fountain’, she’s able to chart her own creative and professional development by the projects and assignments she has

podcast 11 – is blogging still relevant, with Kat Molesworth

“Long form content is always going to have a place in the human heart.” Kat Molesworth is a blogger, photographer and vlogger, and founder of Blogtacular, an annual UK conference for bloggers and online creative folk. She is also a font of knowledge on all things blogging and internet related, so I wanted to get her

Podcast 10: Managing self doubt, with Sas Petherick

“The only people who don’t have any self doubt are sociopaths.” Sas’s website | blog | Instagram | Facebook  Sas Petherick is a UK-based coach who specialises in helping women experiencing self doubt. I first met her through Instagram a year ago, and was struck by how much insight and wisdom she could drop into the most

Podcast 9: Working as a Pro Instagrammer, with Hannah Argyle

Hannah Argyle has over 200k followers on Instagram, as well as a successful lifestyle blog and partnerships with a heap of big name brands. I called her up for this episode to get the scoop on how she balances motherhood, the expectations of her Instagram audience and her own creative desires.

Podcast 8 – Why every online creative needs a mailing list

This episode is ‘mailing list 101’, for people who don’t have one, people who think they don’t need one, or for people who have one but aren’t doing anything about it. Over the last three years I have worked with hundreds of makers, writers, photographers, shop owners, bloggers and creatives through my instagram coaching &

Podcast 7: Finding your right people online, with Tara Swiger

“You don’t want to be Walmart. You want to make the people who you serve ridiculously excited.” Tara’s instagram | site| twitter | blog & podcast | youtube Tara Swiger is an infectuously enthusiastic US-based author and business coach for makers and creatives, & one of my favourite people online. (She’s also more Star Trek than Star Wars, but we’ll forgive her