She is one. This seems completely impossible, but the calendar confirms is is true. She sleeps snuggled close to one of us in our big bed. She likes to tuck her feet around against my tummy for warmth, & push against me, just like she did when she grew inside. She uses words – uh oh, moo, no – & her own invented signs to tell me what she wants. She dances to any music,…

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Orla’s not-pink nursery


  It’s not that I’m anti-pink per se… I guess I just don’t want O to grow up thinking it’s her only option. & besides, we already have a lot of pink. Everyone buys pink when you have a baby girl, & though I’d always planned to dress her in white & grey & brown & blue, the pink stuff is nice too so we ended up getting a little waylaid.  & the toys! as…

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Happy Sunday


The last lazy day before the Christmas mayhem really begins. Time to listen to our Christmas playlist, wrap the last few gifts and start drinking at 4pm. Happy days.      

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