how to live in a white house


No, not a handy guide for the new orange leader of the free world – though Lord knows he could probably use it.  One of the most common questions I get about my interiors, other than ‘where is your bed from?’ (It was custom-built in the house before we bought it, I’m afraid. I just painted it white), is ‘how do you manage with Orla??’. When people find out we have pets (cats, dogs, house…

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5 ways to grow your creative business this year

Since sharing my successes of 2016 I’ve heard from loads of you with really specific & interesting questions. It seems like a lot of us are either running a creative business online, or would quite like to be, so I thought it’d make sense for me to start sharing a bit more about that side of my work. Plus, between you and me – I love this stuff. Look out for a couple of creative…

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6 planners for 2017

2017 best planners

Frederik Fekkai once wrote that it is essential to choose a planner with a beautiful cover, as you’ll be looking at it every day. And I, being sixteen and endlessly impressionable at the time, memorised this line and made it my annual agonising mission to find such a thing, at a time when Paperchase stocked only rainbow hues and ladybug prints.  It’s a task I’ve continued to undertake, each December – even when I worked…

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simple DIY Christmas wreaths

I always mean to do such a lot, at Christmas. Back before I had a child & a business & a napping addiction, I did used to do a lot. Handmade cards, gingerbread palaces, whole-house decorations. Now, it feels like a tremendous achievement just to string some lights on a tree. And I’m all for simplicity, really. In some respects, I like that the increased fullness of life has meant we reconsider the essentials, and…

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an autumn to do list – 30 slow living activities from the Instagram community

autumn slow living

…and not a pumpkin spice latte in sight! 😉 1. Go scrumping. Ok, you don’t have to actually steal them, but in the absence of any pick your own apple orchards anywhere within West Yorkshire (or any with a web presence, at least), I’m resorting to picking fruit from trees of dubious ownership. 2. Make a leaf cape like Kirsten Ricket. 3. Collect kindling. We have our firewood delivered, but kindling comes from the local…

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Hibernation Days : hydration, isolation & inspiration


This post in collaboration with Garnier. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I have a sneaking suspicion, not even remotely supported by science, that humans are supposed to hibernate.  As the days grow shorter & the weather cools down, I would be 100% happy to curl up in a dark corner and sleep off my body fat for the next five months. I might emerge for occasional toilet and water breaks, but that would…

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Notes for my daughter: my favourite words

words to add to your vocabulary

I love language. I’ve always been a word-nerd – collecting them up from Famous Five books (determined; kitbag) & my mum’s weekly women’s magazines (devastate; masturbate – a regular on the problem pages, although it was some time before I could really pronounce or understand it). I’d absorb them by osmosis – so sure that the imaginary land my soft toys hailed from – California – was my own wonderful invention. Playing with a puffalump in the garden one day, I was…

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surviving a salon with hairdresser anxiety

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

Hairdresser anxiety is a real thing – I know I can’t be alone in this. A salon visit is, at heart, a wholly unnatural experience: an array of strangers pulling and scrubbing at your head while you you try to avoid eye contact with your own reflection, and pretend to feel at ease. Your hairdresser will get closer to you than even your partner does, most days; or rather, they get just as close but actually…

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morning inspiration – with Tropicana juices #ad

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

This post is in collaboration with Tropicana. All thoughts are my own – as usual!   When I was working full time, it seemed I was always bubbling with ideas. Rising at six and running out the door with wet hair and Orla’s fat little hand in tow, I’d sit in my daily commute traffic dictating blog posts to my audio-notes, listing the photographs I’d create when I only had the time. So when I…

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beauty products that actually work


I’m not a beauty-haul kind of girl.  My eyeliner is always wonky, my hair never looks like the YouTube girls. For a long time I thought this was because I lacked some essential talent, but I’ve since come to terms with the fact that I just don’t care. Not enough to spend twenty-five minutes on my hair each morning. Not enough to wipe the eyeliner off & start again. Plus, I’m a minimalist at heart,…

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