Rewilding + Canopy & Stars

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Knepp Wildland Project is a rewilding project near the South coast of England. I was invited down as part of Canopy & Stars CSCollective, which I’ll explain a bit more about in a moment. But first, I need to tell you about this place. If you’re not familiar with rewilding, here’s the wikipedia definition: Rewilding is large-scale conservation aimed at restoring and protecting natural processes and core wilderness areas, providing connectivity between such areas, and…

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my kitchen rulebook

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I don’t go in for food-fads. My dress size hovers around a UK 8-10, & I never do yoga in a bikini on the beach. If going gluten-free is the cure for all human ailments, I’m going to be falling into a blissful bread-induced coma any day. That said, we eat well and happily in our house. These are the practical and sensible rules we cook and eat by. 1. Buy the best quality of…

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an unexpected ruin

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I have this thing with ruins; always have, ever since I was a little girl. The most mundane and domestic building becomes suddenly enchanting once it falls into disrepair. Take off the roof, rip out the windows and let nature get her way – you’re in fairytale territory in a matter of years. Yorkshire is full of them – abandoned farm houses, old stone-built cow sheds. Tall, brick chimney spires in forgotten, tiny valleys. Tumbledown…

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happily addicted to the internet

I am in a cafe without wifi and I feel dangerously adrift I keep picking up my phone and putting it down again. My brain is firing off ideas – book that meeting! What was that thing on Twitter again? – and meeting the hard brick wall of non-connectivity. I am like Mulder in one of those old X Files episodes where he keeps reaching for his lost gun, sighing as his hand hits the…

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In defence of sleepiness


Sleep is one of those things we drastically undervalue in our society. I think about this a lot, as a perpetually sleepy person: how most people are more worried about dehyrdration or sugar addiction than they are their lack of rest. Mention you have a headache, and you’re immediately blanketed in well-intentioned advice. Someone will demand you drink a pint of water; another person will offer to rub your neck. Depending on the kind of…

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London anxiety + a giveaway

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A funny thing about my life/job these days is that I’m frequently called upon to make regular trips to London. “Regular trips to London” is a phrase that sounds incredibly casual, but in my head it’s still kind of a big deal – not least because I have convinced myself that I am the imminent victim of an ISIS terrrorist attack every time I board a train. Plus, London’s not that close to Yorkshire –…

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Most worn – Autumn Winter 2015/6

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A REGULAR RETROSPECTIVE LOOK AT WHAT I’VE ACTUALLY BEEN WEARING, IN PURSUIT OF SOME SORT OF MINIMAL/CAPSULE WARDROBE… (Last Spring/Summer here). Cashmere tunic dress in black & grey. Basically this entire post should just contain these dresses from Boden, because I LIVE in them. The only reason I ever wear anything else is because they need washing – which fortunately can be done on a regular machine cycle without any problems or signs of wear. I usually…

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how to be beautiful – a concise guide

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Below are all the ‘beauty tips’ I have memorised and tried to live by, at some stage or another. Want to be beautiful? Internalise these. Learn all of your flaws by heart along with their temporary fixes, but accept that you will only ever be able to address a handful at once and therefore will always look less than your potential best. Face the world confidently and with a smile, regardless, as prettiness in public is…

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adventures of a dress + a mini vlog

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Remember the travelling good life dress by Nadinoo? It’s been busy adventuring… 1 & 7. A QUIET STYLE 2 & 3. HUMPHREY & GRACE 4. LITTLE GREEN SHED 5. LOBSTER AND SWAN 6. THIS LITTLE CORNER The above women are not only excellent dress-snappers, but some of my very favourite people on the internet, so do click over for a look if you don’t know them already. Also, a little PSA: Good Life Pinafore is now in the sale!! *sounds claxon* Buy…

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tips for drivers with anxiety


This is not a post about anxious drivers. I am not an anxious driver – if anything I’m really quite a gung-ho driver, convinced (like everyone else) that I’m usually setting a pretty good example on the roads. I do, however, have a bit of an anxiety disorder, which can sometimes trigger some unusual motoring concerns. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become better at discerning what is and isn’t likely to be true, so I’m…

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