my favourite minimalist fashion stores

Bryr clogs

This is the post that google did not deliver. I searched for it over and over again : stores like COS, minimalist fashion online – but only ever seemed to hit the same three or four results. First up: when I say minimalist here I’m referring to the style and aesthetic, rather than the lifestyle movement. There’s sometimes some overlap but for this list, use ‘minimalist’ as shorthand for simple garments, clean lines, interesting silhouettes,…

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that time I met Mark Hamill

me and luke skywalker

Regular readers might remember my resolution to make Mark Hamill my new best friend. It was sort of a joke – ‘when me and Mark Hamill are new best friends, you can’t hang out with us‘  –  but also, as anyone who’s ever creeped my twitter timeline can attest, sort of… y’know.. not 🙈. It proved to be a lot of fun – making new friends, laughing so much that it (probably) counts as cardio and rekindling all…

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Show & Tell – June in iPhone pictures

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It occurs to me as I write this that almost of half of my adventures month happened in London. I’ve been up and down so often that I’m almost developing a cockney accent, & I’m not done yet! How about some blogger events up North soon, world? Have you come across the Instagram #mystory project? Launched in 2015, the #MyStory  initiative focused on women using the platform who share pictures & images telling their stories, pushing boundaries…

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Paris for families – tips for travelling with a toddler

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Europe, I love you. I love Venice in October when the sun is low over the cold lagoon. I love the fantasyof  living over Shakespeare Co, earning my keep by selling dusty old books in the morning light of the Marais. I’ve been to the States and loved it, but Europe is something magical, and it’s right here on our doorstep. And, until last week’s decision, all of its possibility was open to us.  This is a post I…

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what I learned from #meandlukeskywalker

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What’s that? You thought I was just having a weirdly specific psychological breakdown? How rude! 😂 I’ll have you know, there’s always a method to my madness, even if I myself can’t quite see it at first. As one of my Instagram commenters put it,  ‘I thought you were insane, but now I see that you’re an actual GENIUS“. It’s a fine line, people. Oh ok then, perhaps not – but I swear this little sideline…

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Show & Tell: May in iPhone snaps

Knepp Wildland Safari

Argh, May – where did you go? This year seems to be galloping by at a ridiculous pace, as I leap from one exciting adventure to the next. Here’s what I was neglecting the blog for this month. This month saw the launch of Inatagram’s new colourful logo, and I was lucky enough to be invited along to the rooftop party in London along with the Instagram team and other members of the community. We made glorious colourful…

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‘forever’ jewellery

necklace: Oh My Clumsy Heart

I have this theory that you can tell a whole lot about a person by the sentimental jewellery they wear. Fashion pieces are one thing, but the charms and trinkets we choose to wear close day after day tend to hold a little more significance. Just as wedding bands and engagement rings are rich with meaning and symbolism, so too are our other daily accessories when we stop to consider why we love them. Here are my three necklaces –…

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making a wedding dress


It’s faintly ironic, I suppose, that the commitment I’m most worried about for this whole wedding fandango is the one that I’ll make to a dress. On the other hand, perhaps it’s just logical: I spent the best part of 30 years carefully selecting R; I had a year to find a dress. Less, when you factor in all the time I spent procrastinating because the whole thing seemed so overwhelming My issue with a…

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a day in May

paper boats in stream

These are the days that we came here for. When the sun warms our bedroom at the top of the house while the dawn chorus works itself up to an orchestral cacophony. And we dig out the sun cream from the dusty recess of the bathroom cabinet, noting the changes to tiny pudgy hands and limbs since the last days of this ritual last summer. Then we trail down to the stream, the three of…

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how to survive the flu

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Did I mention I’ve been sick? I’VE BEEN SICK, YOU GUYS, and it was really, really bad. Orla had it first – ten long days of fever and sleeplessness that ended in a visit to the doctors and a bottle of sticky sweet orange antibiotic syrup. Just as she began to emerge from it, I came down with the same, and lost a solid five days to the worst virus I can ever remember. I…

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