Instagram Inspiration: January

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Here’s your monthly dose of “but why can’t I take photos like this?”. Don’t worry, I can’t either. God, these posts depress me… 😆 but in the best possible way! I never consciously choose themed or similar shots for these monthly collections, yet there are a lot of things these pictures all have in common. They’re all DSLR, and show a proficient level of technical skill. But what stands out to me more is the effort.…

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oh, 2016…

What a year! The events of the last week must surely form the icing on a 2016-cake built of bullshit, bitterness and death. I’m increasingly convinced that David Bowie may have been the glue holding our entire world together. It’s been a toughie on a personal level, too – losing two people to irreparable disagreements, after a lifetime of never falling out with anyone. A diagnosis of rapid and terminal cancer in a treasured family member.…

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Why I wrote an Instagram ecourse


It’s a big day for me today. After months of work and years of planning, my signature e-course, The Insta Retreat – a six week course for creatives is opening its doors! Yippee! Because I spend a lot of time arguing with my inner critic (‘but instagram courses already exist!’ /  “YES but mine will say all the things the rest deliberately leave out!”), I have a big mental list of reasons why this was…

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Insta-inspiration: October

My Japanese film addiction continues as Autumn creeps in, along with some seasonal inspiration. Let’s hear it for photos that make your heart hurt with envy, and your brain hum with joy.   I’ve loved Hilde’s photos for forever, but the beautiful imperfection of this shot really caught me. I’m actually pretty outraged that someone took this picture. I mean, what’s the point in even existing any more when this much awesome has already been…

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shooting an autumn lookbook – Object Style

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The nice thing about my work is I never know quite what will appear in my inbox next. I tend to priorities what work I accept based on how much it excites me – if something gets my blood pumping and ideas bouncing, I know it will be a great project for me creatively. When Rachael approached me about shooting her A/W lookbook, I wasn’t sure I had time. Then she showed me the stock she…

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how the clickbait algorithm is choking instagram


Have you noticed a shift in Instagram lately? Since the latest round of updates, most people have: their posts attract fewer likes, the content they see on their home feed is less varied. Occasionally, and seemingly inexplicably, a post will garner unusual attention. It attracts likes at a remarkable rate, and you see your followings take a leap. What is going on? let’s explore A while ago, Instagram phased out their Suggested User feature and…

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Insta-Inspiration: August

Do you ever just get a bit… well, obsessed? I’m sure it will surprise precisely nobody when I confess that I absolutely do. This month my heart & mind are being consumed by Mark’s Hamill’s fluffy fluffy hair  Japanese film photography. I mean, all film photography, obviously, but particularly a style of portraiture and dreamy lifestyle shots I’m seeing from Japanese users. Here are some of my August insta-loves. I will learn this. I WILL. Where…

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15 ways to improve your instagram engagement

petal twitter logo

There’s a funny mood in the insta-air. For the first time in my memory, people are stepping away. Twitter is awash with people saying it just doesn’t work for them any more – for inspiration and for engagement – and the frustration is growing daily. I have a lot of thoughts on this – on why it’s happening, and how it might change. There’s too much to include in this post, so I’ll save most of that for…

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further adventures in cinemagraphs

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

(if for any reason you don’t see the photographs in this post, hit refresh to reload!) Hopefully you can see some improvement compared to the first ones I shared. They’re still relatively rushed – the work of minutes, squeezed in between pasta, playing Peppa Pig and panicking about deadlines, but then what’s new? I find work best wihin parameters, anyway! 😉    Lessons learned: As with all other video media, cinemagraphs just work best in landscape.  A tripod is…

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insta-inspiration: July


A series of favourite photographs I’ve found on Instagram this month. These are the kind of images that make me passionate about the platform again. They inspire me and energise me and give me just enough despair that I’ll never ever be able to create anything as brilliant. They make me feel like I know nothing about photography, and have to begin again – and I kind of like that. Found any inspiring instagram accounts…

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