insta-inspiration: July

A series of favourite photographs I’ve found on Instagram this month.

These are the kind of images that make me passionate about the platform again. They inspire me and energise me and give me just enough despair that I’ll never ever be able to create anything as brilliant. They make me feel like I know nothing about photography, and have to begin again – and I kind of like that.

Found any inspiring instagram accounts to follow recently?

  • Hannah Straughan

    This is such a beautiful selection, Sara, thank you for sharing these! I always love new inspiration. I recently found @poppyloveyou and I find myself liking each and every post of hers.

  • Oh fun! I do so enjoy finding new and inspiring IG accounts. A few new ones (to me) are: sarahattar, donalboyd, astclaire, michlbrnt, lids_harper, natashamead & dearlauraco. xx

  • Such wonderful inspiration Sara! I definitely found a few new accounts to follow among your suggestions 😘 (including @poppyloveyou as Hannah Straughan recommended in the comments)

  • What a gorgeous collection! The first with the sparklers and the last in the forest (basically, where I want to be all the time) are my favorites. How did you find them?!

  • Phillipa

    I wish instagram would let us split our feeds ourselves into categories (aka french interiors, usa hippy moms etc) – just thinking about the people I follow and how I could probably split into 4 or 5 categories. Thinking about this as do love how instagram caters to different tastes, I find these images you’ve posted here pretty but a little bit “stock” photography for my tastes. Each to their own and all of that!

  • I know that feeling. When I get up in the morning I go on instagram and because my feed is full with this kind of great users and photographs, my day gets better. You’re one of them by the way. So thank you!

  • Yours! So glad to find you both here and on Instagram. Lots resonates and inspires.