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instagram tips: why people follow & unfollow

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One thing that can be insanely frustrating when trying to grow your Instagram account is the unpredictable behaviour of followers. Some days they come, some days they go, and it can often seem to be without rhyme or reason.  Instagram isn’t all about numbers, & it’s silly to get hung up on them. That said, the majority of us do share our pics to get a response, and it can be disheartening to see other…

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Instagram tips: inspiration


With Instagram becoming an ever increasing cycle of coffee shots, Kinfolk, flowers and pretty doorways (guilty, guilty, guilty), it can be all too easy to fall in line with the trends and never innovate. How do you develop your own unique style and create an account that will stand out, whilst at the same time trying to reach out and grow your audience? What if Barbie is doing Instagram better than you are?? In a world…

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instagram tips: how to deal with image theft

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It feels personal. That was what surprised me, when I first found some of my photographs posted to somebody else’s account. They were fairly innocuous choices – a landscape, some flowers, a shot of my living room; mercifully the photos of my daughter had been left alone, yet I still felt alarmingly invaded. It was like strolling into my living room one day, & finding a stranger grubbily fingering the family albums. We share these little…

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Instagram tips: how to be a suggested user


Last Saturday, rising at dawn to head to Sisterhood, I was greeted by the most coveted of all Instagram messages. The suggested user email. Squee! If you can remember back to when you first signed up, Instagram made a few suggestions of accounts to follow to get you started. Most new users click a few that appeal to get a feel for things, and as IG is currently attracting 2.5 gazillion (estimated, by me) new…

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instagram tips: learning from my mistakes


I think my #1 piece of advice for beginners on Instagram, after ‘edit with VSCOcam‘, is to post every day. Partly because this is the best way to find your ‘tribe’ & make some friends, but mainly because regular practice & routine is the fastest way to get any good at anything. I hate that awkward learning-curve phase where you have to make mistakes at something new, but it’s really true that we learn the…

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instagram tips – how I take iPhone photos


File this post under, I’m not sure; though I get asked a lot about how I take iPhone photos, I strongly suspect I’m not doing anything different to everyone else. Still, sometimes it’s good to be reassured of that, right? I shoot 99% of my Instagram photos using the basic camera app on my iPhone 5. Here’s how: 1: Compose shot. I always shoot the full screen, not a square, so I have the freedom…

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Instagram tips: curate your gallery


This is such a simple & obvious tip, I almost feel a little silly mentioning it – but it’s truly one of the most effective things you can do. If you’re looking to give your account a bit of a boost and create a more cohesive style to your insta-photography, look at your recent gallery as a whole. Most popular accounts have a theme, whether that’s as strict as all-white images, or something more loose,…

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instagram tips : how I edit my photos

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A little resolution I made at the start of 2014 was to try and reach 1000 followers on Instagram – at that time, I had about 70. By the end of January I was past my target, and by New Year’s Eve I was past 50k, & a whole lot wiser! For months, I’ve had a giant mega post of in the works, about all of that stuff. I get a lot of emails asking…

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Why I wrote an Instagram ecourse


It’s a big day for me today. After months of work and years of planning, my signature e-course, The Insta Retreat – a six week course for creatives is opening its doors! Yippee! Because I spend a lot of time arguing with my inner critic (‘but instagram courses already exist!’ /  “YES but mine will say all the things the rest deliberately leave out!”), I have a big mental list of reasons why this was…

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15 ways to improve your instagram engagement

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There’s a funny mood in the insta-air. For the first time in my memory, people are stepping away. Twitter is awash with people saying it just doesn’t work for them any more – for inspiration and for engagement – and the frustration is growing daily. I have a lot of thoughts on this – on why it’s happening, and how it might change. There’s too much to include in this post, so I’ll save most of that for…

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