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Notes for my Daughter

  Not sure it’s really possible to fast-track wisdom, but in case it is, & in case I get hit by a bus, etc, an ongoing list:   Read! It doesn’t matter what – it will make your thoughts clearer, your mood lighter & your spelling better. Everyone thinks they are a good driver. Most

Hello 2014

Goodbye 2013, with a quiet NYE; no champagne, no spangly dresses. Instead, the lights from the tree, a glass of something stronger, a sleeping infant in the darkness upstairs.   2014 will be better. We promised ourselves this last year, too, but now, a year wiser, I see that we did nothing to make that

Some comments on Instagram Comment Pods

Comment pods sprung up around a year ago via one of the company’s advocating (and usually also selling) botting growth techniques. The premise is fairly simple: a group of Instagram users join together in DMs and agree to like and comment on one another’s posts. The idea is generally to do this quite promptly – ideally

Outfits from my 20s

I’ve always blogged in some capacity of another.  First there was livejournal – oh, livejournal – and then throughout my 20s a blog called From Wonderland with Love. (It’s long gone now, but there are still a few posts out there on the wayback machine, for those of you curious enough to look.) I didn’t have much

Instagram Resources

Looking for help with your Instagram? You've come to the right place! If you’re looking to grow your Instagram, create the best images you can to find & engage with your true audience, you’re in the right place. I'm not one of those corporate 'social media experts'.  I'm a photographer and a creative with an analytical mind

notes for my daughter: skincare (sponsored)

In my early teens I read a lot of glossy magazines. To say I read them, in fact, implies a passivity that was never quite present; I inhaled them. I devoured them like forgotten religious texts; committed them, noun, verb and predicate, to memory and heart. So it was that by age 16 I was

be a blossom tree

What if I’m a blossom tree? That’s the thought that keeps returning to me lately, as the roadsides light up like impossible pastel fireworks on the way down into the village; as Rory works out his notice and our entire financial future rests in my sleepy, distractible hands. Destined to bloom brightly then fade in a flurry of