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Farewell, Ms Fisher


credit I didn’t know Carrie Fisher. It seems redundant to say that, really, but I’ve noticed a trend in recent months for some mouthy trolling type to pipe up whenever someone expresses sorrow at the passing of a fellow human. “Did you know her personally?” Like the only people who matter are those we’re best friends with. Like we’re only supposed to give a crap about the ones who send us a Christmas card. Carrie Fisher never…

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6 planners for 2017

2017 best planners

Frederik Fekkai once wrote that it is essential to choose a planner with a beautiful cover, as you’ll be looking at it every day. And I, being sixteen and endlessly impressionable at the time, memorised this line and made it my annual agonising mission to find such a thing, at a time when Paperchase stocked only rainbow hues and ladybug prints.  It’s a task I’ve continued to undertake, each December – even when I worked…

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Hibernation Days : hydration, isolation & inspiration


This post in collaboration with Garnier. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I have a sneaking suspicion, not even remotely supported by science, that humans are supposed to hibernate.  As the days grow shorter & the weather cools down, I would be 100% happy to curl up in a dark corner and sleep off my body fat for the next five months. I might emerge for occasional toilet and water breaks, but that would…

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Autumn spider bastards

Ah, Autumn. Season of falling leaves, rosy red apples, the first frost under foot … and giant bastard spiders invading your home after dark. You know what I’m talking about. Those massive black meaty ones that are too big to fit under a teacup. Not that I’m getting close enough to try, to be honest, because what if it suddenly ran up the cup and onto my arm and into my hair to make a nest? I can’t…

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10 ways to improve your writing

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ten mistakes you might be making in your writing Not an expert, purely observational. Well, I did study linguistics at Uni but I’ve forgotten it all, so… 1. Over-using the thesaurus. It was drilled into many of us at school to look for fancy or alternative words. While this works as a vocabulary extending tool, there’s no point in building up a mental lexicon if you never just deploy it. Often the word that comes naturally…

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my favourite minimalist fashion stores

Bryr clogs

This is the post that google did not deliver. I searched for it over and over again : stores like COS, minimalist fashion online – but only ever seemed to hit the same three or four results. First up: when I say minimalist here I’m referring to the style and aesthetic, rather than the lifestyle movement. There’s sometimes some overlap but for this list, use ‘minimalist’ as shorthand for simple garments, clean lines, interesting silhouettes,…

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that time I met Mark Hamill

me and luke skywalker

Regular readers might remember my resolution to make Mark Hamill my new best friend. It was sort of a joke – ‘when me and Mark Hamill are new best friends, you can’t hang out with us‘  –  but also, as anyone who’s ever creeped my twitter timeline can attest, sort of… y’know.. not 🙈. It proved to be a lot of fun – making new friends, laughing so much that it (probably) counts as cardio and rekindling all…

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my kitchen rulebook

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I don’t go in for food-fads. My dress size hovers around a UK 8-10, & I never do yoga in a bikini on the beach. If going gluten-free is the cure for all human ailments, I’m going to be falling into a blissful bread-induced coma any day. That said, we eat well and happily in our house. These are the practical and sensible rules we cook and eat by. 1. Buy the best quality of…

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Instagram tips – a guide to hashtagging

hashtags for instagram

Hashtags are not mysterious – they simply categorize posts into certain topics, and link to related content. Aside from the occasional humorous punchline or sotto voce descriptor, that’s really all they do – and yet many of us expect them to unlock unlimited Instagram growth, stardom & wealth. That’s not how the force works! That said, once you’re creating truly brilliant, beautiful, visually engaging content, skilful hashtagging can be a great promotional tool. Below are my guidelines for…

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In defence of sleepiness


Sleep is one of those things we drastically undervalue in our society. I think about this a lot, as a perpetually sleepy person: how most people are more worried about dehyrdration or sugar addiction than they are their lack of rest. Mention you have a headache, and you’re immediately blanketed in well-intentioned advice. Someone will demand you drink a pint of water; another person will offer to rub your neck. Depending on the kind of…

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