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Instagram & algorithms

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This morning brought the news that like Facebook and Twitter before them, Instagram are going to start organising user’s home feeds using algorithms instead of their current chronological display. Naturally, there’s a lot of concern and confusion, so below are some initial thoughts, and answers to some of the questions I’m hearing asked. What does this actually mean? Instagram will be rearranging the order that posts from accounts you follow appear in your newsfeed, based on your regular…

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you don’t need to instagram your washing up

instagram tips

You don’t have to instagram your washing up. Of course, if you’d like to, then go right ahead – your account is all yours & you should do whatever your heart desires on there. An account of everyone’s different piles of dirty dinner plates could actually be fascinating, so my title is actually redundant here. What I’m really referring to though is the idea that it is somehow dishonest to only show the good things in…

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photo archive: pink snow

cherry blossom girl photography

After my last instagram tips post, I looked back at my wider photo archives, and found a few sets I wanted to revisit somehow. So this is the first of a little series, I think. F was about 3 when these photographs were taken; I was staying with her parents, illustrators & authors Helen & Gerry, and had taken F out for a walk in the spring sunshine. Photographs can be a hook to hang…

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Oh, hello there! I’m Sara – 30% stylist, 40% photographer, 40% writer and 10% cake. I’m also terrible at maths. I live in rural Yorkshire, England with my daughter Orla and fiancΓ© Rory We relocated to this little village in the hills from a lifetime in the city, hoping to slow down, simplify and stop worrying about stupid stuff.  This is my online journal; a record of thoughts, ideas, recipes, shopping lists & things I ate in…

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Fall in love with a slow and beautiful December Escape the hectic rush of London in December and join stylist Hannah Bullivant (Seeds & Stitches) and photographer & Instagram Pro Sara Tasker (Me & Orla) for an afternoon of festive fun. We’ll be getting our best faff on, sharing how we style our home and photography for the festive season. From dressing the Christmas table to beautifully wrapped gifts, we’ll share all the tips, tricks…

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morning inspiration – with Tropicana juices #ad

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This post is in collaboration with Tropicana. All thoughts are my own – as usual!   When I was working full time, it seemed I was always bubbling with ideas. Rising at six and running out the door with wet hair and Orla’s fat little hand in tow, I’d sit in my daily commute traffic dictating blog posts to my audio-notes, listing the photographs I’d create when I only had the time. So when I…

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Show & Tell – June in iPhone pictures

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It occurs to me as I write this that almost of half of my adventures month happened in London. I’ve been up and down so often that I’m almost developing a cockney accent, & I’m not done yet! How about some blogger events up North soon, world? Have you come across the Instagram #mystory project? Launched in 2015, the #MyStory  initiative focused on women using the platform who share pictures & images telling their stories, pushing boundaries…

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Raised on a diet of Enid Blyton books where every girl has one clear & unequivocal talent, I was always convinced that I would write professionally as an adult. Funny then, that I lost my way, only seeking out the opportunities after my photography opened doors. Maybe we can be multi-talented after all. A sample of my work: Words from the Wild – Toast Travels A quick-fire guide to better iPhone photography – Standard Issue…

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‘kind of a big deal’


Some months I feel like nothing’s happening, and some months it all comes at once. This is one of the second type, I guess; suddenly my name’s in lots of new places & it’s a bit easier to understand where all my time goes. ‘I’m kind of a big deal‘ I tell Rory, from my position lying facedown on the sofa. ‘I can no longer be expected to make my own cups of tea.‘ I’m…

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show & tell: February + an ad space giveaway

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ONE: Everything seems frantic & frenetic right now – my to-do list is out of hand and my inbox overflowing, despite having an assistant now to help me out (FANCY, right? πŸ’πŸ»). While that all sounds theoretically great, it’s a little overwhelming, so I’m taking stock, reassessing and changing what I say yes to for the future.  That might be my very favourite thing about this strange new-media world I find myself in; when something doesn’t fit,…

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