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I don’t want a wedding. Ok, that’s not entirely true – I want a big party, I always want cake, & I’m thrilled to be officially teaming up with R for life. That stuff really appeals. I guess what I really mean is, I don’t want a conventional wedding. I don’t want chair covers and frilly centrepieces; no organza bows, ‘colour schemes’, seating plans & gift lists. No chicken or beef option; no ‘money behind…

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Most worn – Autumn Winter 2015/6

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A REGULAR RETROSPECTIVE LOOK AT WHAT I’VE ACTUALLY BEEN WEARING, IN PURSUIT OF SOME SORT OF MINIMAL/CAPSULE WARDROBE… (Last Spring/Summer here). Cashmere tunic dress in black & grey. Basically this entire post should just contain these dresses from Boden, because I LIVE in them. The only reason I ever wear anything else is because they need washing – which fortunately can be done on a regular machine cycle without any problems or signs of wear. I usually…

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how to be beautiful – a concise guide

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Below are all the ‘beauty tips’ I have memorised and tried to live by, at some stage or another. Want to be beautiful? Internalise these. Learn all of your flaws by heart along with their temporary fixes, but accept that you will only ever be able to address a handful at once and therefore will always look less than your potential best. Face the world confidently and with a smile, regardless, as prettiness in public is…

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fuck perfect

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Here’s the problem with perfect; it’s achievable, but not sustainable. You can do it for a night, a day, an event, maybe a while. You can starve yourself skinny or primp yourself pretty, or hoover your whole house until it’s entirely fluff-free. It just doesn’t last, and unless you’re an unemployed millionairess without any children, there simply isn’t the time to sustain that shit. Apologies for all the swearing, but I’ve had some wine, and…

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Recipe: rainforest alliance chocolate cake with Magnum Ice Cream


As I write this it is raining; it has been raining all week. I remember days in the city where the rain only stained the streets a darker grey, but out here a damp day turns the landscape a deep, lush green. We potter about our rainy day activities, accompanied by the sound of it bouncing on the roof, splashing on leaves and gurgling through the gutters. It’s proper comfort food weather. I’m baking an…

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quotes for my daughter: Ani Difranco

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Alternative title for this post: everything I know about life I learned from Ani Difranco.   If you’re not getting happier as you get older then you’re fucking up. If you don’t like abortion don’t have an abortion and teach your children how they can avoid them. But don’t treat all women like they are your children. All I can say is if you stretch your mind all the way as far as it goes then…

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a day in the life of my maternal emotions


I’ve decided that toddlers are like chocolate. I love chocolate. Who doesn’t?! It’s sweet and delicious and most of the time I could just eat it all up – pleather leggings be damned!  Sometimes, though, I’m really hungry for something different – something healthy, perhaps – and the thought of all that sweetness makes me feel a bit sick. Sometimes I’m so desperate for savoury, you could throw me into Willy Wonka’s river and I’d still obstinately…

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instagram tips: learning from my mistakes II


Hindsight’s a great thing, right? There’s always stuff we’d do a little differently, looking back – and it’s certainly true with my iPhone photography.  Usually I’d be reluctant to post these ‘golden oldies’ here, but one thing I’ve seen in mentoring sessions is how useful direct analysis and practical editing tips & suggestions can be. We’ve all sat at some point with an image in front of us that doesn’t quite match our vision, unable to figure out why. A…

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a little bloglovin’


A post I’ve been meaning to write for an age – a few of the blogs out there that I adore, and turn to when I need to feed my mind and eyes. My first draft of this post contained a lot of links to friends of mine who I admire online, but then I realised you probably already know all of them too. So here are a few you might not (though I should…

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kids online: how much is safe to share in photos?


Is it wrong to put pictures of your kids on the internet? Is it more wrong if they’re half – or fully – naked? I’ve been thinking it over lately. When I took the above picture, and hesitated to share. When my friend had her daughter’s image stolen for a sinister Instagram role play account. When I read a shitload of rants on an anti-blogger forum, full of outrage at what some parents share online.…

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