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Oh, Hello there! Iā€™m Sara   40% photographer, 40% writer, 30% creative coach and 10% cake. Iā€™m also terrible at maths. Instagram changed my life. This is my online journal; a record of thoughts, ideas, recipes, shopping lists & things I ate in cafes. I heard the internet needed more of these things.   More about me

before & after – kitchen & bathroom makeover

(SLIDE THE WHITE ARROW) When we bought our home, it had sat on the market for a number of years. It was in a gorgeous area, and had a surprisingly big square footage. But something was putting people off. If, like me, you devoted a chunk of your student years to watching property shows on daytime television,

Farewell, Ms Fisher

credit I didn’t know Carrie Fisher. It seems redundant to say that, really, but I’ve noticed a trend in recent months for some mouthy trolling type to pipe up whenever someone expresses sorrow at the passing of a fellow human. “Did you know her personally?” Like the only people who matter are those we’re best

6 planners for 2017

Frederik Fekkai once wrote that it is essential to choose a planner with a beautiful cover, as you’ll be looking at it every day. And I, being sixteen and endlessly impressionable at the time, memorised this line and made it my annual agonising mission to find such a thing, at a time when Paperchase stocked

Hibernation Days : hydration, isolation & inspiration

This post in collaboration with Garnier. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I have a sneaking suspicion, not even remotely supported by science, that humans are supposed to hibernate.  As the days grow shorter & the weather cools down, I would be 100% happy to curl up in a dark corner and sleep off

Autumn spider bastards

Ah, Autumn. Season of falling leaves, rosy red apples, the first frost under foot … and giant bastard spiders invading your home after dark. You know what I’m talking about. Those massive black meaty ones that are too big to fit under a teacup. Not that I’m getting close enough to try, to be honest, because what if

10 ways to improve your writing

ten mistakes you might be making in your writing Not an expert, purely observational. Well, I did study linguistics at Uni but I’ve forgotten it all, so… 1. Over-using the thesaurus. It was drilled into many of us at school to look for fancy or alternative words. While this works as a vocabulary extending tool,

my favourite minimalist fashion stores

This is the post that google did not deliver. I searched for it over and over again : stores like COS, minimalist fashion online – but only ever seemed to hit the same three or four results. First up: when I say minimalist here I’m referring to the style and aesthetic, rather than the lifestyle