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Instagram & algorithms

This morning brought the news that like Facebook and Twitter before them, Instagram are going to start organising user’s home feeds using algorithms instead of their current chronological display. Naturally, there’s a lot of concern and confusion, so below are some initial thoughts, and answers to some of the questions I’m hearing asked. What does this

a free instagram course

7 days to a better instagram Have you ever felt like your Instagram potential is going untapped? Perhaps you look at others and wonder why their accounts are so much more popular? Or you pour over images by your favourite iPhone photographers and wonder how on earth they do it? These are the questions I

you don’t need to instagram your washing up

You don’t have to instagram your washing up. Of course, if you’d like to, then go right ahead – your account is all yours & you should do whatever your heart desires on there. An account of everyone’s different piles of dirty dinner plates could actually be fascinating, so my title is actually redundant here. What

photo archive: pink snow

After my last instagram tips post, I looked back at my wider photo archives, and found a few sets I wanted to revisit somehow. So this is the first of a little series, I think. F was about 3 when these photographs were taken; I was staying with her parents, illustrators & authors Helen &

Podcast 16: how to get press coverage for your online work, with Janet Murray

“People who think this isn’t important, or ‘I’m going to focus on this next year’ – you’re missing a trick.” Janet’s Facebook group | Instagram | Twitter | Website | Podcast  Janet Murray is a freelance journalist turned PR-queen. She’s passionate about PR and publicity being accessible to everyone, and shares insider knowledge of how


Oh, Hello there! Iā€™m Sara   40% photographer, 40% writer, 30% creative coach and 10% cake. Iā€™m also terrible at maths. Instagram changed my life. This is my online journal; a record of thoughts, ideas, recipes, shopping lists & things I ate in cafes. I heard the internet needed more of these things.   More about me


  How do you edit your Instagram pics? What filters do you use? I take 99% of my Instagram photos using my iPhone, and do the bulk of my editing for instagram using VSCO. You can read more about my editing process here. What camera do you use for blog photos / videos? My blog photos are usually