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quotes for my daughter: Ani Difranco

Alternative title for this post: everything I know about life I learned from Ani Difranco.   If you’re not getting happier as you get older then you’re fucking up. If you don’t like abortion don’t have an abortion and teach your children how they can avoid them. But don’t treat all women like they are your

a day in the life of my maternal emotions

I’ve decided that toddlers are like chocolate. I love chocolate. Who doesn’t?! It’s sweet and delicious and most of the time I could just eat it all up – pleather leggings be damned!  Sometimes, though, I’m really hungry for something different – something healthy, perhaps – and the thought of all that sweetness makes me feel a

instagram tips: learning from my mistakes II

Hindsight’s a great thing, right? There’s always stuff we’d do a little differently, looking back – and it’s certainly true with my iPhone photography.  Usually I’d be reluctant to post these ‘golden oldies’ here, but one thing I’ve seen in mentoring sessions is how useful direct analysis and practical editing tips & suggestions can be. We’ve all sat at

a little bloglovin’

A post I’ve been meaning to write for an age – a few of the blogs out there that I adore, and turn to when I need to feed my mind and eyes. My first draft of this post contained a lot of links to friends of mine who I admire online, but then I

kids online: how much is safe to share in photos?

Is it wrong to put pictures of your kids on the internet? Is it more wrong if they’re half – or fully – naked? I’ve been thinking it over lately. When I took the above picture, and hesitated to share. When my friend had her daughter’s image stolen for a sinister Instagram role play account.

stuff that works: hair

My name is Sara and I am a hair idiot. When they were handing out the ability to do nice things with your hair, I was presumably in the queue for daytime napping, or biscotti-baking (vote for me, btw!) . I just have absolutely no hair ability. This means I never ever look fancy. My

Notes for my daughter: books to read

Dear Orla, You might not enjoy them or even finish them, but the following books are all worth trying. These are the books that helped me understand the world – and possibly even myself – a little bit better.  If I get hit by a bus and turn into a tragic absent-mother-figure, I hope you can