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the instaretreat

{beautiful iPad keyboard and case by Oree. #omg!} “you have to charge for this – seriously!” It feels oddly scary to be sharing my Instagram secrets. I have this fear that if I equip everyone to do what I do, there won’t be enough success to go round, and it’ll all grind to a halt.

Slow living: a beginner’s guide

Julia passed a topic my way a few weeks ago: What does slow living mean to me? It was a question posed by Emma, and pretty timely: slow living is my aim for 2015, and seems to be pretty du jour across the internet. It’s a tricky concept to pin down, I’ve found. The phrase

live with less: kitchenware

Decluttering your kitchen makes a big difference, because it’s one of the most task-orientated spaces in our homes. I enjoy cooking, but wasting time digging around for a missing lasagne dish in a cupboard of overflowing bakeware is most definitely not a part of that. Tidy cupboards, with lots of empty space, make it all

first aid

  There was a day when Orla was teeny, and I’d been sent some lovely cappuccino cups for my first ever Instagram giveaway. We opened the parcel together behind the front door – she was in her ‘wow’ stage and wanted to see and touch everything. I lifted the lid, & before I even realised

stuff that works: toddlers

Parenting a toddler is awesome. She is adventurous, hilarious – ‘bubble poo’, ‘no please!’ & ‘cold toast’ (bread!) – and endlessly affectionate. During my recent coughing fits, she drops whatever she is doing to come and tenderly pat my back. I find little plastic pigs in my shoes in the morning. She collects things in

Features & Press

If you’re a press representative or would like to receive an up-to-date media pack, please get in touch.   May 2017 – The Guardian – Putting you in the picture: yes, you can earn a living on Instagram May 2017 – Mollie Makes – Mollie Makes meets Sara Tasker May 2017 – 91 Magazine – Slow Living

all wrapped up

A little ode to babywearing – one of the few parenting tips I offer to any new/expectant parents I meet. Not that I know all the answers, but because the stretchy sling I bought before Orla was born was possibly the best parenting decision I have made. The other mamas I know using slings &

Sunday food: Rosewater & pistachio cake

  This cake has been in gradual evolution in my kitchen for years. It’s based on those middle eastern cakes that are drenched with sticky-sweet sugar syrup right after baking, while everything is still warm.  I serve it with rosewater & yoghurt crΓ¨me, which contrasts the sweetness nicely & smells almost as good as it