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Most worn: Spring/Summer 2015

Simplifying my wardrobe still remains the biggest battle in my attempts to live more ‘minimally’. I make a lot of mistakes; that is, I buy things thinking they’ll work then find that they don’t, or I buy things without even thinking at all. I feel like blogs can be an exacerbating factor in this, too

summer wreath – a tutorial

I shared this simple summer wreath on Instagram and got a few requests for a tutorial, so here it is. It’s really easy to make; something about weaving the flowers through is really quite soothing, and it gives me a valid excuse to go out and gather up a basket of wildflowers. The Instagram wreath used cow parsely;

instagram tips: how to deal with image theft

It feels personal. That was what surprised me, when I first found some of my photographs posted to somebody else’s account. They were fairly innocuous choices – a landscape, some flowers, a shot of my living room; mercifully the photos of my daughter had been left alone, yet I still felt alarmingly invaded. It was

The Town Hall Hotel

I could live in a hotel. Some people hate them, I know, but not me – I see hotels like giant dollhouses laid open to explore. If I ever become an eccentric millionairess widow, (& let’s hope I don’t) I am absolutely living out my dotage in a boutique hotel somewhere glamourous. It’d probably be

I did not wake up like this: on beauty & lies

I’m a bit fed up of being made to feel ugly. It’s not by anyone who actually knows me or sees me, I should add – but, like any dutiful 21-centurion, I care not for these opinions and choose instead to listen to the advertisers, manufacturers and purveyors of all things ‘female’. This morning whilst

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Life in a tiny village

It’s almost exactly a year since we placed our offer on this house, and committed to actually doing it; to leaving the city-living we’d always known, and moving out to somewhere sleepy, rural and green. I remember being desperately excited, sure it would never really happen for us, but also, particularly in the small hours

a feathered house guest

There’s a chicken in my kitchen. There’s a chicken in my kitchen quite a lot these days, to be honest; when she isn’t there she’s generally sitting on the sofa, sleeping by a radiator or, at best, pecking at the window on the front door. I’m not sure she fully understands what being a chicken’s