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I did not wake up like this: on beauty & lies

I’m a bit fed up of being made to feel ugly. It’s not by anyone who actually knows me or sees me, I should add – but, like any dutiful 21-centurion, I care not for these opinions and choose instead to listen to the advertisers, manufacturers and purveyors of all things ‘female’. This morning whilst

Features & Press

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Life in a tiny village

It’s almost exactly a year since we placed our offer on this house, and committed to actually doing it; to leaving the city-living we’d always known, and moving out to somewhere sleepy, rural and green. I remember being desperately excited, sure it would never really happen for us, but also, particularly in the small hours

a feathered house guest

There’s a chicken in my kitchen. There’s a chicken in my kitchen quite a lot these days, to be honest; when she isn’t there she’s generally sitting on the sofa, sleeping by a radiator or, at best, pecking at the window on the front door. I’m not sure she fully understands what being a chicken’s

a room with a view

I was the kind of child who lived in a perpetual daydream; the cars were boats, the roads canals, and the clouds on the horizon, above the houses, were definitely snow covered hills. Some days I’d stare at them so long & hard I couldn’t even be sure any more; were there mountains there? Had

tulips for CΓ©cile – a little Instameet in Paris

Two weeks ago, I was in Paris. Paris is, obviously, the best; if you’ve never been, all I can say is that it really is exactly how you imagine it to be. The only alternate life I ever mourn for is one where I pay attention in high school french, overcome all that prohibitive anxiety

no news is good news

I’ve stopped reading the news – in particular, I’ve stopped reading bad news. Or, at least I’ve tried to; news, it turns out, is everywhere! I’ve replaced my car radio time with audio books, my lunchbreak reading with a few favourite blogs. We don’t watch TV or buy papers at home, and I’ve deleted the

Parenting: What I (un)learned in the first two years

She is two; fiesty, messy haired, hilarious. She is a changling and a hurricane, a swirl of snot and sugar and soft, sticky kisses. She hears owls in almost everything – a squeaking tap, a squeal of breaks, a pigeon on the roof. “Wowl singing, mummy!”, & I never have the heart to set her