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notes for my daughter: skincare (sponsored)

In my early teens I read a lot of glossy magazines. To say I read them, in fact, implies a passivity that was never quite present; I inhaled them. I devoured them like forgotten religious texts; committed them, noun, verb and predicate, to memory and heart. So it was that by age 16 I was

Notes for my daughter: my favourite words

I love language. I’ve always been a word-nerd – collecting them up from Famous Five books (determined; kitbag) & my mum’s weekly women’s magazines (devastate; masturbate – a regular on the problem pages, although it was some time before I could really pronounce or understand it). I’d absorb them by osmosis – so sure that the imaginary land my soft toys

quotes for my daughter: the fence

A Tim Minchin song might not seem like an obvious place to find wisdom, but I’m a huge admirer of his clever wordplay & humorously accurate observations on life. The Fence is chock-full of exactly this – ‘an anthem to ambivalence’ – taking a stab at the stream of false dichotomies we’re all living our

quotes for my daughter: Ani Difranco

Alternative title for this post: everything I know about life I learned from Ani Difranco.   If you’re not getting happier as you get older then you’re fucking up. If you don’t like abortion don’t have an abortion and teach your children how they can avoid them. But don’t treat all women like they are your

notes for my daughter: on jealousy

Ok, it’s not snappy – but it’s surprisingly true. There will be times when someone is inexplicably rude or mean or condescending, and you cannot figure out why. A girl at school who consistently picks on you; an older woman at work who does all she can to keep you down. “They’re just jealous“, people

notes for my daughter: weak & strong

Dear Orla, I have been strong and I have been weak, and I have learnt that these words do not mean what we think. Before you were born, I cried easily; a confrontation with friends, a passing criticism at work. I once cried at an episode of Supermarket Sweep, because I was just so happy

Notes for my daughter: books to read

Dear Orla, You might not enjoy them or even finish them, but the following books are all worth trying. These are the books that helped me understand the world – and possibly even myself – a little bit better.  If I get hit by a bus and turn into a tragic absent-mother-figure, I hope you can

notes for my daughter – Songbirds

You were born with a mind like a faiytale forest, filled with every imaginable species, and some even beyond that. A rainbow of feathers, a cacophony of song. & every day as you grow, we lose a bird or two. Like conservationists, we try to choose what is most important, to focus our limited resources