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stuff that works: hair

My name is Sara and I am a hair idiot. When they were handing out the ability to do nice things with your hair, I was presumably in the queue for daytime napping, or biscotti-baking (vote for me, btw!) . I just have absolutely no hair ability. This means I never ever look fancy. My

stuff that works: beauty

Beauty blogger I am not, but in my small-ish rant about the ‘natural beauty’ myth, I promised to share the handful of products I do use and enjoy. On the whole, I find the effectiveness standard of most mainstream beauty products depressingly low – a fact supported by the cosmetic companies resorting to photoshop in

stuff that works: toddlers

Parenting a toddler is awesome. She is adventurous, hilarious – ‘bubble poo’, ‘no please!’ & ‘cold toast’ (bread!) – and endlessly affectionate. During my recent coughing fits, she drops whatever she is doing to come and tenderly pat my back. I find little plastic pigs in my shoes in the morning. She collects things in

Stuff that works: Anxiety

Ah, anxiety, my old friend. Except it took me a surprisingly long time to see her as that; so sure that ‘anxiety’ was something else entirely, a plague on housewives and teenage exam students – all wringing hands, jittery knees & butterflies in the stomach. True anxiety is nothing like this; it is a swarm

anti fit fashion

Lately I’m all about the slouchy, comfy, anti-fit. It would be easy to say its due to my hectic toddler life, or post-partum body issues, but since neither is really a fact or even a thing, I can’t. It’s mainly just an aesthetic choice, but handily, also a feminist one: if bodycon is about showing off