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Sonny Sunshine {100 stories}

  {100 stories}:  A COLLECTION OF FICTIONAL FRAGMENTS & UNFINISHED RAMBLINGS   Sonny doesn’t talk. They tell me not to say that, but then they tell me all sorts of things – he’s waiting to surprise me, just turn off the TV, boys are slower to develop than girls. Give him time – I get

late night trains – {100 stories}

Late night trains are a funny thing. We all start with the same pretences. I drink tea and open a book; opposite me, Businessman makes loud calls and taps on his laptop. He gets a mini bottle of wine from the buffet cart. He’s Busy & Important. I should be too, really, but my skeleton

cold hearted {100 stories}

PART OF MY {100 stories} SERIES: A COLLECTION OF FICTIONAL FRAGMENTS & UNFINISHED RAMBLINGS… Marthe was born in the snow. Her mama often told it; how for 9 long months she’d predicted her firstborn would come with the snowfall, & awoken suddenly, waters leaking warm in the bed, to the first flakes of December. “We’ve got winter in our

fortune teller {100 stories}

A public service announcement to all the people she meets; you are not as subtle as you think you are. Not even close. Either that, or she can read minds, because it is so clear to her what people are holding back. Saying this, thinking that. She went to therapy and learned that none of

The man in the ear flappy hat {100 stories}

Lotta lives at number 17 Norway street. She knows this because there is the gold number 17 on her green front door, & because she has heard mama say it into the telephone sometimes. Norway street is not in Norway. She’d looked it up on the computer; ‘Norway has extremely harsh winters and a native

trees & sky {100 stories}

Go out walking the dog together one Sunday. Early spring; sun warm, trees bare. Talk about something, nothing. Feel sure, quite suddenly; he’s lying to you. Hear him laugh at first, then protest his innocence, but still know. Like a bloodhound catching the faintest trace of a scent, you know there is something to know.

100 stories

Sometimes I catch little bits of stories on the wind & don’t know who they belong to. So, I scribble them down in the back of notebooks or save them to my phone, then forget all about them. So, I’ve decided to start sharing some here, & maybe one will find it’s way home. The