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Hashtag Authentic Episode 84: Frequently Asked Instagram Questions

This week I talk to Maria Wigge, an artist I met through my Insta Retreat class, who started sharing her work on Instagram and found it changed her life! I also dig into some of the most commonly asked instagram questions and dilemmas, including the latest on hashtags and algorithms, ways to create real and

Hashtag Authentic Episode 80: Why you need more than Instagram

You know how much I love Instagram – it’s the perfect playground for creatives online. Many of us see it as the ‘make or break’ platform for creatives and business owners – but is Instagram alone enough to make your business thrive? In this week’s episode, I talk about why it’s essential to be showing

Instagram: Should you be ‘liking’ more?

  What’s in a like? Do you hit ‘like’ on every post you see, or does a like = LOVE to you, to be saved for the really special posts on your feed? Or are you more of a passive Instagrammer, preferring to browse and read unseen?There’s no right or wrong way to do it –

10 creative ways to use new Instagram Story Questions

Finally, an Instagram update we can get really excited about! The new ‘questions’ sticker for Instagram Stories is a clever little bit of functionality that is simple, easy to use and garners quick and useful engagement. It feels like a tentative foray into a more Twitter-like sphere for Instagram, encouraging conversation and sharing of other