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live with less: toy clutter

In the run up to Christmas, I’m growing increasingly twitchy about the deluge of toy clutter about to hit. It feels like I’m constantly trying to find equilibrium, walking a delicate line between a sea of pink plastic in the living room, and sad little Orla playing with a lone broken doll in a corner. Simplifying is so much

live with less – trust in ‘enough’

One of the main reasons we’re tempted to keep & hoard is the belief that things will be ‘useful someday’. I’ve had endless examples: the dusty kitchen appliance I’d stopped using, the ugly, unworn socks from the multipack, the spare rolls of red christmas string. One day we might well need new socks, or emergency string,

live with less: kitchenware

Decluttering your kitchen makes a big difference, because it’s one of the most task-orientated spaces in our homes. I enjoy cooking, but wasting time digging around for a missing lasagne dish in a cupboard of overflowing bakeware is most definitely not a part of that. Tidy cupboards, with lots of empty space, make it all

live with less: a little reminder

A little lesson I re-learned this week, with help from my little muffin, & from Peppa Pig. Last month I bought Orla a Peppa Pig Playhouse on a whim. She’d found a Daddy Pig figure in a charity shop the day before & wanted it so desperately, & then I spotted the full set on

live with less: ephemera

I go on about decluttering a lot, but for good reason, I think. Living with less crap in your home has three big benefits: It gives you more space. I’ve mentioned before the idea of pricing up the square footage of your home that is devoted to storage; how much are you paying for all

live with less – a guide to decluttering

It’s an endless struggle in our home; for every thing we let go of, a thousand new things call our name. I’m so easy to market to – despite an entire lifetime of buying and buying and nothing changing, I’m still full of hope that the right purchase will transform me into Advert Girl –