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Podcast 46 – Publishing, agents and book deals (aka Finding your Literary Lobster), with Abigail Bergstrom from Gleam Titles

“A platform with the largest, most engaged following in the world doesn’t necessarily covert into a book.” How many of us dream of someday writing a book? For this week’s episode I sat down with Abigail Bergstrom, head of publishing at Gleam Titles, the forward-thinking literary division of digital-first talent agency Gleam Futures, to grill her all about

Podcast 45 – Instagram, Venice and Cookbooks with Skye McAlpine

“In order to get anyone to read my recipes or my thoughts, it was important to have an appealing image.” This week I talk to Venice-based food writer and blogger Skye McAlpine. Skye’s first cookbook,  ‘A Table In Venice’ came out last month, and represents years of work developing her skills as a cook, writer and

Podcast 44: Instagram truth vs instagram reality, with The Slow Traveler

  “It had become more than a university project – I was in it to ask questions about what I do.” My guest this week is Carolyn Stritch, aka The Slow Traveler. She’s a freelance photographer based in the North of England, although her account often depicts dreamy locations from idyllic destinations around the world. She

Podcast 40: How to be a Twitter goddess (or god), with Samantha Kelly

  “You can’t underestimate the power of human connection and how you make people feel.” Samantha Kelly is an Irish entrepreneur, TED X speaker and Twitter expert. Her first business was creating a pack for girls beginning their period – a brave step in Ireland, where conservative religious values around women’s sexual health often still