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30 fresh ideas for Instagram stories

It’s easy to use Instagram Stories as a dumping ground for the content we don’t like enough to put on our galleries. And it’s great for that – don’t get me wrong – but it’s definitely under utilising a tool. With it’s own fledgeling algorithm, Stories gives you a second chance to reach your followers

A year of fear – an Instagram Stories challenge

I didn’t always understand Snapchat. It took me a while to get my head around it, to be honest – wasn’t it just for sexting? Why else would the pictures need to be temporary, and users alerted to screenshots? When people starting to ask for my username in growing numbers, I just assumed I was becoming increasingly

Sonny Sunshine {100 stories}

  {100 stories}:  A COLLECTION OF FICTIONAL FRAGMENTS & UNFINISHED RAMBLINGS   Sonny doesn’t talk. They tell me not to say that, but then they tell me all sorts of things – he’s waiting to surprise me, just turn off the TV, boys are slower to develop than girls. Give him time – I get

Cafe Stories: the lonely people

I’m sat, typing away, when the cafe door bangs open and a stocky man with a booming voice strides in. He’s shouting at me. ‘Who are you in my cafe?’ He has wide set eyes and his hands are balled into fists. He must be over 6 foot tall. I think about how scary this

late night trains – {100 stories}

Late night trains are a funny thing. We all start with the same pretences. I drink tea and open a book; opposite me, Businessman makes loud calls and taps on his laptop. He gets a mini bottle of wine from the buffet cart. He’s Busy & Important. I should be too, really, but my skeleton

cold hearted {100 stories}

PART OF MY {100 stories} SERIES: A COLLECTION OF FICTIONAL FRAGMENTS & UNFINISHED RAMBLINGS… Marthe was born in the snow. Her mama often told it; how for 9 long months she’d predicted her firstborn would come with the snowfall, & awoken suddenly, waters leaking warm in the bed, to the first flakes of December. “We’ve got winter in our