a handful of confetti (and other wedding spoilers)

Because it’s taking over my life right now, and my secrets are safe with you, right? The thing about a DIY wedding is it’s all details. There’s nothing but details to think about!

Less than a fortnight to go until my pretty dress day! Um, I mean, until I marry my one true love… y’know. ?

1/ Our beautiful, beautiful invites by Tara Spencer. I’m going to have to frame one, they’re so damn pretty.

2/ Making porcelain wedding favours with Sarah Jerath. They’ll be used on the table, then for guests to take home.

3/ Wedding hair trial with Emily Hawkes. My other hair option is this, and I’m totally torn. What should I do?

4/ Real petal confetti from EtsyUK. (Remember when I was going to make all my own? hahah!)

5/ Final wedding dress fitting with Charlotte Wilden. It has a cape, guys. A CAPE.

Tell me the favourite detail from your wedding, or any other last minute advice! (If I can’t achieve it in two weeks, I don’t want to know! ?)


  • Kate X Design

    Oh so lovely! Both hairstyles are wonderful. Perhaps it depends on what, if anything, you wear in your hair? πŸ™‚

    • This is a good point! I’ve got greenery planned for the first part, and some lace to clip in in the evening. Must consider this more!

  • Lydia Collingridge

    I’m not sure about your family set up but we were lucky enough to have both sets of parents at our wedding and both still married so we had photos of them on their wedding day displayed too (because who doesn’t like 70s wedding photos when your dad wore a white suit and a fedora and your mum had a feather boa!) X Have a lovely day, it’s bloody fantastic getting married!

    • I love this idea! Such a romantic and fitting tribute to brilliant families. Thanks for the lovely wishes – can’t believe it’s almost here!

  • Our wedding day was so insane so I don’t remember a lot of details, but I do have a small guest book with a bunch of instax minis taped into it with washi tape and messages from guests – I love looking through it now πŸ™‚
    Not long now. Can’t wait!!

    • Ah, I’ve wondered about these – whether people ever get around to looking at them. It’s nice to hear that people do! 9 days and counting. Is it too late to lose a couple of stone? haha

  • I got married three weeks ago and the run-up last minute details was my favourite bit! x

    • Congratulations! It’s all getting really frantic and fun around here now. Starting to actually feel almost real!

  • Cariemay

    Other than the actually getting married bit my favourite was that my mum slipped two sachets of ketchup into a cake box beside John’s plate because he loves the stuff. He was so touched he kept it. The top tip was that she also brought a small tablecloth as an extra large napkin for me to protect my dress from our very nice red wine! Good luck and have a wonderful day πŸ™‚

    • Haha, that’s so sweet and adorable! LOVE the idea of a giant bridal napkin (though love the idea of having it in photos a little less, haha!). Total genius, and probably very necessary ?

  • Hardy and Hay

    Woooo so excited for you! Personally, with a dress like that I’d go for the mermaid braid… would be nice to be able to see the detail of that beautiful open back! πŸ™‚ Hope you have the best time eevvvvvver!

    Flora x

    • This is an excellent point! The mermaid braid slipped out fairly quickly though.. and the curls made me feel like a total princess. Perhaps I can do both? I wonder if the braid would untie into pretty enough curls later on? *goes to email Emily*

  • Yeeep! The dress! I’ve been stalking Charlotte’s work ever since you first posted that she was your dressmaker, it’s going to be magical! A cape! The detail in the back!

    I love the braided hair, and I’m sure it would fall prettily if you took it out as the night wore on and slippage started. There are just not enough fancy occasions in life to try out all the pretty hair options!

  • We gave Disney tsum tsums as wedding favours. Best. Idea. Ever.