an ode to the small things

tiny stars

Can we talk about small things for a moment? About the impossibly sweet and nostalgic accoutrements of childhood.
A little blue cardigan hanging from a big hallway hook.
Miniature shoes lined in tidy little rows.
Small, pudgy hands clutching smaller, balding Sylvanian rabbits, who in turn hold impossibly tiny jugs and teapots and cakes.
Most days I am immune to it, but some days… some days it is all I can see. The novelty of it, the faint ridiculousness. Knickers too small to conceivably house a human bottom; toothbrushes the size of a doll’s. It doesn’t last forever, & the tradgedy of that feels anything but little . These sweet, sweet things are a part of our world – as much a sign of existence as my own coat, as Rory’s big boots flaking mud in the hall. To think of them gradually replaced with full size equivalents feels like a loss – though of course it is merely an evolution.


She is mistress of all that is small. Take her to a hotel and she locates the smallest chair and declares it her own. She sees he world divided this way: big things and little, for you and for me. I don’t correct her because, at three, it’s nice to think the world is organised. At 33 I’m more confused than ever about this stuff.

Small Orla – determined to be a big girl but occasionally desperate to be a baby. ‘I don’t want to be big’ she tells me, and I wrack my brains for advantages to sell it to her. You can drive? Too far off. You can watch more television?!

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Really, she’s right. Small is where it’s at; everything is cuter, simpler, less messy. Small is loveable as standard; like kittens v cats, full-size has to work so much harder for our affection. & yet we forget this, with so many things – big TVs, big cars, big collections of big, showy things.

So here’s to the small things in life. May we notice and love them all hugely.

  • Rebecca Harrison


  • Aww what a beautiful post πŸ™‚ enjoy every tiny precious moment with your small one <3 They're worth everything. xx

    • thanks Peta. It’s always good to be reminded of this – lately I’m too easily guilty of wishing the days away so it gets to bedtime!

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  • Beautiful post and beautiful cutie Orla. I’m pretty sure she’s right!


    • thanks Kelsey! Yep, she’s the boss and generally right about everything. Except when she says ‘yesterday’ and means ‘any time previous to today, including two years ago’. That can get confusing

      • True, but I’m pretty sure I’m guilty of that ‘you know a couple of years ago’ usually means about 10 years ago! Ha.

  • Elizabeth Dalton

    Such a lovely post, like all parts of life it’s the little things that are often the best ?

    • thanks Elizabeth! I totally agree x Except for with cakes, when bigger is better ?

  • I didn’t think there was anything better on earth than baby toes. But then I saw your picture of baby toes with little tiny stars sprinkled on them!

    • haha! I like how you think, and I definitely agree – sparkly baby toes are where it’s at!

  • She is absolutely darling and you captured everything about her and being small perfectly. I love your words – “She is mistress of all that is small.” xx

    • thank you Alexandra! She really is – I see her as queening over the tiny domain of everything little ❀️

  • What a lovely piece. Warms the heart.


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  • This is such a beautiful post, so lovely that you are taking notice of these fleeting years xx

  • You have that rare combination of wordsmith and ‘image-smith’ that makes me love your posts! And yes – small is definitely where it’s at – there’s no big selling points of being an adult πŸ˜›