self belief & the hideous sundress

When I was aged 7 or 8, I fell in love with a hideous sundress.  It was in this store my mother dragged us around on a weekly basis – an outlet for cheaply-priced factory seconds and unsold stock from larger highstreet chains. We didn’t have a lot of money and my Mum had 3

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Our Wedding

Oh hey, remember that time I got married? It was a year ago, to be precise – and if you’d asked me then I’d never have believed it would take me a whole 12 months to get around to writing about it. Even now, I’m not sure why it did. Because I wanted to hold it

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Defining your own success

There’s an annoying thing you might notice, if you ever watch Mark Hamill being interviewed. (What do you mean you’re unlikely to ever watch Mark Hamill being interviewed?! You should do it for me, ok? ?) I’d say it happens about 50% of the time. The interviewer, or perhaps an audience member, will ask a

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