How to write persuasive pitch emails as an influencer

Poor Elle Darby. I watched with dismay this week as her pitch to a Dublin-based hotel and pub went viral on twitter, after the owner shared her pitch email with ridicule. Whatever the rights and wrongs of this case ( social media bullying of a 22 year old girl is never acceptable, and the owner

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Diary of a Tea Addict {sponsored}

We climbed off the damp and steamy 82 bus and hurried home under a shared umbrella.  My Grandma lit the false flames of the gas fire, pulled out the smallest of her nest of tables and set down a tray of cups, biscuits and her favourite teapot. Outside, a genie’s lamp of silver engravings; inside,

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self belief & the hideous sundress

When I was aged 7 or 8, I fell in love with a hideous sundress.  It was in this store my mother dragged us around on a weekly basis – an outlet for cheaply-priced factory seconds and unsold stock from larger highstreet chains. We didn’t have a lot of money and my Mum had 3

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