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Change your mindset and your business in just 15 minutes a day

We live in an age of information.
Books, podcasts, e-courses, webinars…if there’s something you need to know to run your creative business, the chances are you’ve probably already looked into it, in depth. We know what we need to be doing.

Where we fall down is the action. We’re busy, and we’re tired. Pinterest, Instagram, Mailing Lists, Blogging, PR… there are just too many plates to keep spinning, and too many good reasons to procrastinate, get distracted, or just plain old give up.

Despite how it might feel sometimes, you’re not the problem here. And you’re definitely not alone.
In fact, I think ‘to do’ list overwhelm is the most common problem I see amongst clients, students and business friends.

15 Minute Magic is different.

This program is designed with action in mind. No long videos or reading assignments you need to fit in – just 15 minutes, wherever you can squeeze it into your day, and you’re done. I’m bringing the key elements that neuroscience shows us are essential to focus – novelty, challenge, passion, a deadline with a literal ticking clock – to push you past resistance, and straight into taking leaps of action, on the daily. Get in, do your task, and then get out – no scrolling, no distractions, no lost time.

You started your business to do your work – not to become a full time email answerer and social media manager. Sure, we all know we need a Pinterest strategy, need to be building consistency, could be making more sales via Reddit and Facebook and reaching out to PRs. But who has the time? And honestly, who even knows where to start?

I’ve got you ❤️

Over the next three months in 15 Minute Magic we’ll be covering everything you need – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, email marketing, press coverage, blogging and more – plus the essential work of goal setting, planning, and tackling the roadblocks of resistance, procrastination and self doubt along the way.

15 Minute Magic is based on how I really work, and how I’ve built my multi-six figure business alongside juggling a small child, a chronic health condition, and an NHS job for the first couple of years. When your time is scarce it’s essential that you invest it wisely. Every 15 Minute Magic activity is based on real world experience in mine and my clients business, of small steps that reap big rewards.

What you get:

The prompts
Each day, you’ll get a 15 minute activity prompt from me, setting out some intentional action to take for your business. It might be a task, a worksheet, an audio download, a video message. Some will repeat on a regular basis, some will be one time only activities. All of them push you forwards, with regular, intentional steps, so that you’re growing your business and your mindset with every single prompt.

Each Friday, our prompt will have more of a self care focus – though still within the remit of a creative business, to help you look after your businesses most important asset (thats you!).

The postcards

A beautiful, bespoke designed postcard through your letterbox once a month, reminding you of your goals and checking in with your mindset. Stick it on your wall or in the front of your planner to help yourself stay on track.

The community

A beautiful, non-Facebook community where you can connect with likeminded creatives, chat, share dilemmas and work together. Join in for Lives, themed chats in the chatroom and to celebrate your weekly wins.

& the rest

Workbooks, printables, Live Q&A time, planner reviews – I’ve got a ton of ways I’m bringing extra value and surprises to make the whole 15 Minute programme completely magical.


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About Me

Hi I’m Sara, and I’m a bestselling author, iTunes #1 business podcast host, the UK’s leading Instagram expert and a total internet nerd. I’ve been coaching creative people just like you in making magic happen online for over five years. I’ve helped hundreds of clients grow followings in the thousands, launch successful online businesses and make their creative dreams come true, building my own multi-six figure business along the way.

I’m passionate about the internet as a gateway to human connection: that’s how I grew my Instagram following past 200k, built a blog readership of over 45k a month and was able to quit my NHS day job to follow my dreams full time. You’ll find me regularly featured in places like The Guardian, The Independent, Stylist Magazine, BBC and more, as well as talking about Instagram and social media for creatives at events and conferences around the world. My podcast, Hashtag Authentic, has had over 2 million downloads to date.

Whenever you work with me you will learn not only the how but also the why.  Because I believe it takes both of these things – it takes your heart and your mind. That’s when the magic really starts to unfold, and dreams can start to come true for you.

What My Students Say

“My average like per post has doubled, I am achieving the followers goal that I set myself for each week and I am getting messages from people with accounts of 30k+ followers enquiring about my products and collaborations. But most importantly I’ve “meet” a lot of lovely people who have helped me along the way and given me more confidence as a maker/designer/instagrammer.”

– Alicia

“I love the way you teach! I should know… I’ve only signed up to a bazillion courses in search of Jedi tricks (and the real Obi Wan), and have never had so much as an ‘aha’ moment but with each lesson I read in here I can hear my little brain going ‘aha’, ‘aha’, ‘aha!”
– K

“What I got out of the coaching was so much more than I expected. Sara has an ability to think great and see potential in people. She opened the door for me to reflect over my talents and how to weave them into a meaningful life journey, something I wasn’t expecting would happen. Sara is a great coach for hard working people who feel that they have something within that they want to shape and set in motion, a vision or a calling.”

– M

“Not only have my followers increased from around 500 to just under 74k, but I’m now receiving regular jewellery commissions and filling workshop spaces from amongst my Instagram followers.”

– Emma


“More than any other e-course I’ve taken, this one is filled with practical and purposeful information I could action week by week and see results really quickly. The Facebook group feels like a real community and I’ve made some awesome friends through it too, plus Sara encourages you with bespoke, personal encouragement at every step.”

– Lucy

“I’ve grown so much in confidence. What the course has undoubtedly given me is clarity – I feel like I know what I’m doing, that I understand how everything is connected and what can lead to success. I now feel drunk on possibility, and excited that this is just the beginning for me. I can’t wait to take more of Sara’s future courses.” 

– Kayte