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Podcast 45 – Instagram, Venice and Cookbooks with Skye McAlpine

“In order to get anyone to read my recipes or my thoughts, it was important to have an appealing image.” This week I talk to Venice-based food writer and blogger Skye McAlpine. Skye’s first cookbook,  ‘A Table In Venice’ came out last month, and represents years of work developing her skills as a cook, writer and

Podcast 44: Instagram truth vs instagram reality, with The Slow Traveler

  “It had become more than a university project – I was in it to ask questions about what I do.” My guest this week is Carolyn Stritch, aka The Slow Traveler. She’s a freelance photographer based in the North of England, although her account often depicts dreamy locations from idyllic destinations around the world. She

The definitive guide to Instagram shadowbans

It’s been six months since I first wrote about wrote Instagram shadowban function. For the uninitiated, that’s the term colloquially applied to a setting Instagram can apply to your account that makes you invisible to new followers, massively reducing engagement and growth. Understandably it’s caused a stir in the instagram-addiction circles, and there’s been a

Podcast 33: How to write spellbinding Instagram captions, with Laura Jane Williams

“It’s about going, ‘fucking hell, isn’t life difficult and beautiful and magical and frustrating?’. That’s helpful!” Laura’s blog | Twitter | Instagram | Newsletter | Books My guest this week is author, journalist and storyteller Laura Jane Williams. I first met Laura when we were both presenting at the Blogtacular conference a couple of years