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cardboard toys

Newest obsession: toys made from cardboard. Because they’re simple, beautiful, storable and disposable. Recyclable, even! We’re trying hard to live with less, but it’s a struggle to let go – especially when it comes to things Orla has loved. Cardboard has its own in-built limited lifespan, removing the obligation to keep anything forever. Plus, before

Notes for my Daughter

  Not sure it’s really possible to fast-track wisdom, but in case it is, & in case I get hit by a bus, etc, an ongoing list:   Read! It doesn’t matter what – it will make your thoughts clearer, your mood lighter & your spelling better. Everyone thinks they are a good driver. Most

Hello 2014

Goodbye 2013, with a quiet NYE; no champagne, no spangly dresses. Instead, the lights from the tree, a glass of something stronger, a sleeping infant in the darkness upstairs.   2014 will be better. We promised ourselves this last year, too, but now, a year wiser, I see that we did nothing to make that

10 game-changing things I learned about myself & self belief

A few weeks back, in the interval at an event where I was speaking, I bumped into a woman I knew. She’d been a student on The Insta Retreat so this was our first time meeting in real life, and we did that strange thing where you slide straight from ‘hello, my name is…’ into the

Podcast 27: Brand styling the psychology of colour, with The Brand Stylist

“it helps you make meaningful, intentional decision that should last a lot longer than fashion” Fiona Humberstone empowers entrepreneurs to create powerful brands. A bestselling author and fearless entrepreneur, we met, somewhat randomly, on a ship in the Thames earlier this summer, where I was struck by her insight,  enthusiasm and warmth. I called her

self belief & the hideous sundress

When I was aged 7 or 8, I fell in love with a hideous sundress.  It was in this store my mother dragged us around on a weekly basis – an outlet for cheaply-priced factory seconds and unsold stock from larger highstreet chains. We didn’t have a lot of money and my Mum had 3

Podcast 23: How to stop playing small, with Tara Mohr

“A lot of us have some sort of sinking, subtle awareness that we’re playing small – even if we don’t know exactly what we mean by that. We have this feeling – I’m hiding, I’m holding back, I’m not using my gifts, I’m not really trusting my ideas.” Tara’s website | blog | Instagram | Twitter  Sound familiar?