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Instagram tips: curate your gallery

This is such a simple & obvious tip, I almost feel a little silly mentioning it – but it’s truly one of the most effective things you can do. If you’re looking to give your account a bit of a boost and create a more cohesive style to your insta-photography, look at your recent gallery

instagram tips : how I edit my photos

A little resolution I made at the start of 2014 was to try and reach 1000 followers on Instagram – at that time, I had about 70. By the end of January I was past my target, and by New Year’s Eve I was past 50k, & a whole lot wiser! For months, I’ve had

Podcast 20: All Things Instagram with Humphrey & Grace

“Instagram was something I used to escape the noise of everyday life.” I first met Julia of Humphrey & Grace (nee @JuliaBesideTheSea) at a rooftop party on London hosted by Instagram. We’ve followed one another for years – four of them, to be exact – and I’ve seen her account grow from its early days

Instagram Resources

Looking for help with your Instagram? You've come to the right place! If you’re looking to grow your Instagram, create the best images you can to find & engage with your true audience, you’re in the right place. I'm not one of those corporate 'social media experts'.  I'm a photographer and a creative with an analytical mind

instagram: a level-headed look at ‘shadowbanning’

Been shadowbanned and not sure why, or what to do? I’ve written a more recent and thorough post on this issue here.   The Instagram changes keep on rolling in, and the latest round has ruffled a few feathers online. I try to hang back on commenting too soon on these things because there’s always a

30 fresh ideas for Instagram stories

It’s easy to use Instagram Stories as a dumping ground for the content we don’t like enough to put on our galleries. And it’s great for that – don’t get me wrong – but it’s definitely under utilising a tool. With it’s own fledgeling algorithm, Stories gives you a second chance to reach your followers

Why I wrote an Instagram ecourse

It’s a big day for me today. After months of work and years of planning, my signature e-course, The Insta Retreat – a six week course for creatives is opening its doors! Yippee! Because I spend a lot of time arguing with my inner critic (‘but instagram courses already exist!’ /  “YES but mine will

15 ways to improve your instagram engagement

There’s a funny mood in the insta-air. For the first time in my memory, people are stepping away. Twitter is awash with people saying it just doesn’t work for them any more – for inspiration and for engagement – and the frustration is growing daily. I have a lot of thoughts on this – on why it’s