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my favourite minimalist fashion stores

This is the post that google did not deliver. I searched for it over and over again : stores like COS, minimalist fashion online – but only ever seemed to hit the same three or four results. First up: when I say minimalist here I’m referring to the style and aesthetic, rather than the lifestyle

That time I met Mark Hamill

Regular readers might remember my resolution to make Mark Hamill my new best friend. It was sort of a joke – ‘when me and Mark Hamill are new best friends, you can’t hang out with us‘  –  but also, as anyone who’s ever creeped my twitter timeline can attest, sort of… y’know.. not ?. It proved to

my kitchen rulebook

I don’t go in for food-fads. My dress size hovers around a UK 8-10, & I never do yoga in a bikini on the beach. If going gluten-free is the cure for all human ailments, I’m going to be falling into a blissful bread-induced coma any day. That said, we eat well and happily in

Instagram tips – a guide to hashtagging

Hashtags are not mysterious – they simply categorize posts into certain topics, and link to related content. Aside from the occasional humorous punchline or sotto voce descriptor, that’s really all they do – and yet many of us expect them to unlock unlimited Instagram growth, stardom & wealth. That’s not how the force works! That said,

In defence of sleepiness

Sleep is one of those things we drastically undervalue in our society. I think about this a lot, as a perpetually sleepy person: how most people are more worried about dehyrdration or sugar addiction than they are their lack of rest. Mention you have a headache, and you’re immediately blanketed in well-intentioned advice. Someone will


I don’t want a wedding. Ok, that’s not entirely true – I want a big party, I always want cake, & I’m thrilled to be officially teaming up with R for life. That stuff really appeals. I guess what I really mean is, I don’t want a conventional wedding. I don’t want chair covers and

Most worn – Autumn Winter 2015/6

A REGULAR RETROSPECTIVE LOOK AT WHAT I’VE ACTUALLY BEEN WEARING, IN PURSUIT OF SOME SORT OF MINIMAL/CAPSULE WARDROBE… (Last Spring/Summer here). Cashmere tunic dress in black & grey. Basically this entire post should just contain these dresses from Boden, because I LIVE in them. The only reason I ever wear anything else is because they need washing

how to be beautiful – a concise guide

Below are all the ‘beauty tips’ I have memorised and tried to live by, at some stage or another. Want to be beautiful? Internalise these. Learn all of your flaws by heart along with their temporary fixes, but accept that you will only ever be able to address a handful at once and therefore will always