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Notes for my daughter: books to read

Dear Orla, You might not enjoy them or even finish them, but the following books are all worth trying. These are the books that helped me understand the world – and possibly even myself – a little bit better.  If I get hit by a bus and turn into a tragic absent-mother-figure, I hope you can

Slow living: a beginner’s guide

Julia passed a topic my way a few weeks ago: What does slow living mean to me? It was a question posed by Emma, and pretty timely: slow living is my aim for 2015, and seems to be pretty du jour across the internet. It’s a tricky concept to pin down, I’ve found. The phrase

Most worn: Spring/Summer 2015

Simplifying my wardrobe still remains the biggest battle in my attempts to live more ‘minimally’. I make a lot of mistakes; that is, I buy things thinking they’ll work then find that they don’t, or I buy things without even thinking at all. I feel like blogs can be an exacerbating factor in this, too

summer wreath – a tutorial

I shared this simple summer wreath on Instagram and got a few requests for a tutorial, so here it is. It’s really easy to make; something about weaving the flowers through is really quite soothing, and it gives me a valid excuse to go out and gather up a basket of wildflowers. The Instagram wreath used cow parsely;

instagram tips: how to deal with image theft

It feels personal. That was what surprised me, when I first found some of my photographs posted to somebody else’s account. They were fairly innocuous choices – a landscape, some flowers, a shot of my living room; mercifully the photos of my daughter had been left alone, yet I still felt alarmingly invaded. It was

The Town Hall Hotel

I could live in a hotel. Some people hate them, I know, but not me – I see hotels like giant dollhouses laid open to explore. If I ever become an eccentric millionairess widow, (& let’s hope I don’t) I am absolutely living out my dotage in a boutique hotel somewhere glamourous. It’d probably be

I did not wake up like this: on beauty & lies

I’m a bit fed up of being made to feel ugly. It’s not by anyone who actually knows me or sees me, I should add – but, like any dutiful 21-centurion, I care not for these opinions and choose instead to listen to the advertisers, manufacturers and purveyors of all things ‘female’. This morning whilst

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