Podcast 2 : 5 authentic ways to get more instagram followers

How can you get more instagram followers without having to resort to shady tactics? Is it still possible to grow just by using honest engagement and great content?

In this week’s Podcast I’m sharing the 5 deceptively simple strategies I’ve used to grow my account to 168k that can work for everybody, right now.

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  • Paula Solar

    Don’t worry I won’t write as much as I did on the email πŸ˜‰

    Again, great content, useful, neat, orderly structured, easy to follow even if you’re not an English-speaking person… this podcast of yours is my favourite podcast now.

    Now, the sound quality (I’m listening on the laptop with headphones because it’s siesta time haha) at the begining, though your speech is neat, is a bit… how can I describe it? it has echo or something. Perhaps it’s the room you were in while you were recording. But it only lasts a few minutes, then it’s all normal and nice.

    As you know I’m still trying to find my identity in order to achieve that consistency, but it’s hard work because it’s getting to know yourself and acklowledging your flaws (easy) and your good things (do I have any? that kind of thing). I need to work harder on that especially.

    As I said, great work! You are a natural Sara, you could read your shopping list and I would just sit and listen! Well done darling xxx

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  • Laureen Marchand

    I’m a new Instagram user and thank you for this podcast. Very generous and useful!