Podcast 11: Is blogging still relevant, with Kat Molesworth

“Long form content is always going to have a place in the human heart.”

Kat Molesworth is a blogger, photographer and vlogger, and founder of Blogtacular, an annual UK conference for bloggers and online creative folk. She is also a font of knowledge on all things blogging and internet related, so I wanted to get her take on the future of blogging, and whether or not it’s really important for online creatives.

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Things we talked about:

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! You can comment here, or catch me and Kat over on twitter most of the time!

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  • Paula Solar

    Things like this podcast episode and events like blogtacular and the sisterhood that make me want to move to the UK. There is a blog/instagram/youtube scene over there that doesn’t exist over here. People are more individual, or in a very closed group that won’t allow anyone get in unless their engagement/success is so big that it’s impossible to overlook. Sometimes it’s frustrating.

    So, to sum up, it was quite an interesting episode, as inspirational as all of the others. So thank you and Kat for the chat.

    And now it’s time for you to take a break. As we’ve discussed on twitter (not just you and I, but some other lovely women like Steph or Dominique if my memory works alright) you can do seasons, then take a break and plan the next season, like tv series showrunners do. You could also create some kind of poll or test for us to fill, so you can get feedback on this season and ask the questions you might have before planning next season. This is just an idea, of course.

    ps. You made me love wednesdays. xxx

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  • Lynn Hill

    I sat listening to this while taking a coffee break. Well done for another great podcast Sara. What an amazing inspiration Kat is. I’ve popped over to read and follow her blog. We all need to take more breaks. I’ll still be here when you return. Good things are always worth waiting for.

  • Alternative Ageing

    Such a great podcast, but then they all are! Thank you Sara and a big thank you to for the mention and for putting my link up. Felt so proud. Agree with Lynn, once a week sounds like a lot of work knowing how much goes into audio work, so I would be happy with once a fortnight or whatever. I just long for a new podcast from people like you and Kat! Suzi x

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