Podcast 15: What brands look for in influencers, with Sally Gurteen

“Followers schmollowers…”

Today I am joined by Sally Gurteen, aka the Cafe Cat. Sally is a social media manager whose past clients include Caffe Nero, Selfridges, Lindt and many more, where she’s been responsible for blogger outreach, social media campaigns and sponsored content with influencers on Instagram and beyond. 

I asked her to come onto the podcast to give the inside scoop on the whole process – what brands are thinking, what they’re looking for, what turns them off. So if you’re an influencer, or thinking you’d quite like to become an influencer, this is essential information – and it’s equally useful if you have a business or are considering using influencer marketing at some point in future.

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  • Hi there Sara,

    I keep making mental notes for the future me, actually, scratch that. I mean for the present me. Sometimes I get so frustrated with myself as I can tell I have knowledge of so many things but the ‘business part’ and I don’t even know how to activate it in me. I’m one of those people that always want to give things for free (Yikes! that’s no good, isn’t?! hahaha ). So I keep trusting it’s going to be part of the process you know, as I’m sailing this road to entrepreneurship.

    The day I got a request for a ‘Skinny coffee’ collaboration I was like, what in the world?! these guys didn’t even took the time to see I’m not a good fit for them. The only skinny part of me is pretty much my wrists, I love my cake and if I’m going to drink my weak-milky coffee at least is going to be the real one! hahaha. So my solution when brands started to approach me -fairly often- was to shy away from all. End it up removing my email from my bio and just ignoring all the DM.

    It wasn’t until that Podcast you did with Hannah about Collaborations that I recently I started to reconsider the whole thing, coincidentally just last week, while talking business with my husband he pointed out the fact that I could be doing this to get some much needed extra income while I work in building my business. Either this or been a Content Creator for small brands (Bye the way, do you happen to have any advice on this? Count it as a question for your Q&A please ;)). I’m currently working on creating a list of small handmade businesses I can contact, there are many of them that know the importance of creating good content for IG but they hate doing the work and have grown enough to start hiring out so I’m thinking I can be useful there.

    Anyway, I’m going to close my blabberings saying I consider this Podcast as sent from heaven specially delivered for me (hihihi -I wish! ). Thank you Sara, I really loved all the content and specially the way you made it sound as something doable.x

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