Podcast 17: A social media, blogging & Instagram Q&A

This week it’s the Q&A I promised, and I’m diving into the questions you all sent my way. I cover blogging, Instagram, social media and getting everything done, plus lots of extra things in between.

Sidetone – apologies for the glitches in audio quality this week. I didn’t realise my settings were off until after recording, and didn’t have time to redo it! Lesson learned. Done is better than perfect anyway, right?

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References for the things I talked about:

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Let me know what you thought about the Q&A format, and if you’d like more of them in future! I welcome your thoughts πŸ™‚

  • kelli

    Thanks for this.
    I enjoyed hearing other people’s questions and your answers were very helpful. You speak your knowledge very clearly. I am leaving this with so many ideas and inspiration. And hope.
    I would definitely​ like to listen to something like this again. Maybe on a regular schedule like once a month or every six weeks. I follow on Instagram and never have understood Twitter, but I think I’ll go have a look.

    Can I ask a question for future?
    If I were to start a blog, how do I get anyone to find it?
    I am an introvert and a newly hatched webtrovert. I have few(no) friends to share a blog with to get it started, so how would it be found by people?

    Thank you so much.
    I can’t tell you how much you are helping me navigate and learn about my new passion(addiction) that is Instagram.

  • Keri Anderson

    Hello Sara – Thank you for answering my

  • Keri Anderson

    Hello Sara – this is @redsummerhouse – thank you for answering my question! It’s true what you say – all of it. No more excuses I have to reach out and explore the world outside my little introverted ‘nest’.
    See you around! πŸ™‚

  • Leanne Rae

    Hi Sara, this was a really great podcast and the answers were really helpful, thank you! I really hope you do another Q&A, here’s a question I have- if you find an IG feed that you really resonate and enjoy and you do all the things you’ve said, ask quesions, make relevant comments and then find that the person only responds to accounts they know or brands, should you continue to try and build a relationship with them or should you just move on?
    Also, when you’re a newbie with less than 120 followers, should you direct your attention to influencers and community feeds that are very big, in the 20k > range to try and be part or should focus be better spent on influencers and communities that are smaller in the 1k > range?
    Also, do you have any advise for small businesses in trying to get followers and how to build a feed that is harmonious even though the products vary and have different stories?
    Really hope you can get around to these questions and the other comments also as I see some good ones! Thank you again for all your work, it is so helpful and deeply appreciated!
    Lots of love to you and your family!

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