Podcast 22: Why your audience isn’t growing

“The content is the key, every single time.”

This week on Hashtag Authentic, it’s just me! For this solo episode, I’m chatting about some of the reasons your audience has either stopped growing, or why you’ve plateaued. We are fortunate to have an online creative community that allows us instant gratification , i.e. feedback, and this sort of social media interaction be used as an amazing tool for either gaining or losing followers. In this, I also list 10 tips for refining your content to hit the mark each and every time. 

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Things I talked about

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  • Loved the practical tips in this one Sara, reminded me of the first one you did which I loved. Just enrolled for the instaretreat. Very excited.

  • I always love the most the Podcast with only Sara πŸ˜‰ Funny how I often feel like you are inside my head, coming up with all these topics I can relate to, a wonderful reminder I am not alone in all this.

    These days I’ve been re-thinking… is Instagram really the platform for me? I remember falling in love with it because we all seemed to speak through images but just yesterday while reading all the comments on your InstaChat I confirmed something I’ve been trying not to admit to myself; people is in there for their desire to connect over anything else.

    And here I was telling to myself it was about Photography, because that is the reason why I joined in the first place and the reason why I allowed myself to keep being there. So now I’m torn between been addicted to a sense of validation, fulfillment and friendship that IG gives me or to go back to the original reason I joined in. Somehow along the way I got all tangled up on playing by “Instagram rules” that I end it up loosing sight of my original purpose and decided to settle with something that works there; hindering my own growth as a Photographer.

    Gosh, I feel so stupid. How did I missed this?! and now perhaps is too late because I have to add to the equation my little business, just the idea of having two Instagram accounts make me cringe. Seriously have no idea how you manage to keep up with all your social networks Sara! dedicating 3 months to each sounds duable, as always I appreciate you sharing all your nuggets of expertise.x

  • Loved loved this episode, one of your best so far IMO! Super inspiring, this podcast keeps getting better and better! xoxo

  • Positively loved this episode. While I thoroughly enjoy your interview episodes and never miss a one, some of my very favorites have been your solo chats. I always come away feeling inspired because so much of what you share is immediately relatable and implementable. I enjoy a combination of both types, but would love more solo episodes. Thank you for always providing such loveliness in every podcast.