Podcast 4 – Why great photos are still the key to making it big on Instagram, with @allthatisshe

This week on Hashtag Authentic Podcast I chat to Dominique, better known as @allthatisshe on Instagram. In the last 12 months she has gained over 100k followers from scratch, simply by sharing her uniquely beautiful, fresh and innovative content. We talk about how she did it, finding a balance when sharing her family life, and her go-to photo staples for Instagram success.

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  • Sara, I’m really loving these chatty podcasts! They’re such a treat – I find myself feeling super chilled out after listening, even on a busy train into London, and it was nice being able to flick through Dominique’s feed to see examples of your discussions. I’ve never really been a fan of podcasts but I consider myself well and truly hooked now! x

  • Camilla JΓΈrvad

    A very lovely episode. Will definitely start participating in the weekend Challenge when possible πŸ™‚

  • krissy @oftheeveryday

    sara, thank you for another enjoyable episode. so relaxing, inspiring and humorous all at once. i love dominique’s whimsical feed and it was such a treat to hear you both in conversation.

  • Paula Solar

    I loved this episode, listening to other fellow instagrammers/bloggers talk about their experiences can be truly enriching and DominiqueΒ΄s story is really interesting and full of little tips here and there. Following the example (without losing our own identity) can improve our creativity especially when the example is as inspiring as Dominique is. I’m a new follower of hers, her content is amazing and precisely my favourite photo of hers is the one with the bunnies at her feet (you mention the bunnies in the podcast). You could invite her to join the podcast another time… couln’t you? she can talk!

    Sara, I can assure you that after 4 episodes, your podcast is my favourite. I mean, I’ve never been the podcast kind of person because my attention comes and goes, but your podcast is the one that makes sit down and drink tea, relax and listen carefully. And the episodes are timeless, I mean they don’t get old, one can listen to them over and over and they’re still important and on point. Need I say more?

    Congratulations xxx

  • Does she delete her photos to keep it down in the 300s? Never understood that…

    • Not sure what you mean? She has nearly 500 posts, I think… x

  • Leanne Rae

    Hi, this was a great podcast, Dominique and her daughters are really wonderful, her posts are always so fun and thoughtful. I really enjoy your content, thank you for sharing!
    I was wondering if you can address in your podcast or maybe do a post on Instagram tips for product feeds as I feel unsure how to use some of your tips.
    I have a jewellery feed and I typically do flatlays to present the pieces as I don’t want my feed to look like a ‘shop page’ on a jewellery site so I find the tips on creating cohesion difficult as the story of the pieces vary.
    Any words of wisdom you can share on your podcast on how to go about shaping a product based instagram feed would be great, thank you!

  • Alternative Ageing

    Brilliant podcasts, guests & advice! I am in Australia for the English winter and cannot believe how hard I am working on my blog & social media and that I never stop learning, the more I do the more I learn! But it’s all paying off thanks to wonderful peeps like you. Thank you. x

  • Lovely post- I enjoyed the humour, advice and feel of the podcast! Thank you!