Hashtag Authentic Episode 53 : Using viral content on social media to boost your brand

Neal Whittington is the creative mind behind online stationery wonderland, Present & Correct. I’ve followed him online for a long time not only for his store’s range of glorious paper goods, but because his social media is always a treasure trove of unusual links, on-brand curiosities and visual delights. 
In this episode we talk about the magic of content curation as well as creation to support and elevate an online brand. Neal shares his tricks for finding shareable content, staying active on social media and creating a unique and instantly recognisable brand.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • The pros and cons of shoppable tags on Instagram
  • Juggling a business single-handedly (complete with real-life interruptions!)
  • Check back for full show notes later today!

Links mentioned in this episode:

    • Check back for full show notes later today!


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