Hashtag Authentic Episode 61: How diet culture is stopping you from playing bigger, with Laura Thomas

How much mental energy do we spend every day worrying about our size, shape, diet and exercise regime? What could we get done in life if this wasn’t occupying so much of our brains? Laura Thomas PHD is a Registered Nutritionist and certified Intuitive Eating counsellor on a mission to help us find out. In this week’s episode she blows the lid off everything you thought you knew about health and nutrition – and shares the evidence-based, game-changing truths that our bodies knew all along.
As you might expect, this episode contains references to food, body image and eating disorders, so please practice lots of self care when choosing to listen if those are triggering topics for you right now.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Laura’s career path to becoming a Registered Nutritionist and Intuitive Eating counsellor
  • The disproven myths about weight, health and food that everyone seems to believe 
  • How Laura used podcasting to establish an audience and client base for her clinic
  • How Laura deals with aggressive and negative responses to her work online
  • Recognising ‘diet culture’, it’s harmful effects, and it’s relationship with the patriarchy
  • Challenging BMI negativity, and why it’s a poor indicator of risks to health and disease 
  • The Intuitive Eating framework, and the research supporting it
  • How to spot bad nutrition advice, and where to go for trustworthy clarification
  • Busting some common Instagram myths around foods and health
  • The relationship between food, body image and mental health
  • How Laura deals with aggressive and negative responses to her work
  • Laura’s new book – Just Eat It, and how it’s going to change the world

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