Podcast 8 – Why every online creative needs a mailing list

This episode is ‘mailing list 101’, for people who don’t have one, people who think they don’t need one, or for people who have one but aren’t doing anything about it.

Over the last three years I have worked with hundreds of makers, writers, photographers, shop owners, bloggers and creatives through my instagram coaching & e-course programmes, and every single one of them would benefit from an email marketing list. 

I’m sure there are people who don’t need a mailing list, but in my experience, it’s not you guys. If you’re listening to this podcast, if you’re working to grow your online audience and share your message with the world in new ways, then you almost definitely need to listen to this episode.

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Things we talked about:

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  • Paula Solar

    The Hashtag Authentic gang is a thing! We don’t know who everyone else is yet, but we are a gang indeed. Add this to your resumΓ©, and in the skills section you could write “I bring people together” because it is a universally acknowledged truth… many of the people I talk to, I know or I follow, I met through and thanks to you.

    Have I understood well? Algorithm on e-mails? really? why? this doesn’t make sense! I mean, it’s like if my post woman decided that I’m not interested in poscards and decided not to put them in the mailbox (btw, if you are reading this my dear post woman, I’m not interested in bank letters, thank you).

    I am subscribed to a couple of mailing list and I love receiving emails and reading them. I haven’t one because I don’t have much to tell that people might be interested in or I don’t have much to offer as of yet, but maybe in the future I will need to set up one, in that case I will come back and listen to this podcast again because every piece of advice is useful. See? this podcast is as useful as the other 7!

    As I said on twitter, there’s always going to be at least one person (more than one actually) who will find your tips and your experiences useful. And I should say that everyone who will listen to this podcast will find it interesting anyway. I can assure you that. So, keep podcasting, and don’t worry… the Hashtag Authentic gang will listen no matter what.

    Another ranting comment… I’m the worst. I’m so sorry… if you’ve read this, all of you, you’re my heroes!

    • I read it P, can I have my cape now? πŸ˜‰ x

      • Paula Solar

        Of course my dear Sus, In which colour do you want it?

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