Hashtag Authentic Episode 91: Finally going freelance, with Fiona Thomas

This week author Fiona Thomas returns to the podcast to dig into the truth about transitioning to freelance life… and launching a book in the midst of a pandemic. I also talk to Insta Retreat graduate Rebecca Lewis about pivoting her business, and why you don’t always need a huge audience online to build meaningful success.

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Things We Talk About In This Episode:

  • Why you don’t need a huge audience online to be successful
  • How to get organic reach on Instagram without having to pay for ads
  • Photography for Instagram, and how it differs from conventional photography
  • Pivoting your business, and why it pays to put yourself at the heart of your brand
  • The difference between being a freelancer and an entrepreneur/business owner
  • Promoting a book during lockdown, and the unexpected benefits of “marketing for introverts” when almost everything has to happen online 
  • How the workplace might look on the other side of COVID
  • Caring for your mental health as a freelancer, and recognising that mental health goes beyond mindset 
  • Relaxing the idea of rigid timetables, and embracing routines that work for our health and happiness 
  • The value of having a person outside our situation, such as a coach, help us recognise and overcome our limiting beliefs 
  • Managing your finances, including building a financial buffer, pricing yourself, planning for holidays, and avoiding the limitations of exchanging time for money 
  • Fiona’s experience delivering a donation-based course, giving away content, and the balance of making support and content accessible to all, while still running a profitable business

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