Hashtag Authentic Episode 94: Understanding Instagram Trends (And how to use them for growth)

This week, I talk about the evolving trends we see on Instagram, and why they all inevitably change. We look at the costs and benefits of playing into a trend, and I share some strategies for using trending styles of posts without losing sight of your brand or your own creative goals.
This episode is kindly sponsored by Vodafone Business UK.

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Things I Talk About In This Episode:

  • The evolving trends of Instagram
  • How our fears and doubts stay the same, no matter how the platform evolves
  • The risks and costs of buying too heavily into one trend
  • Why I’m always wary of one-size-fits-all solutions online
  • The importance of staying connected to your own creative vision and voice
  • How to use trends for growth without getting blown off-path
  • The importance of building meaningful connections with your audience/customers

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