Show & Tell: September

Where did September go? I swear, it was only just starting last time I checked, and now we’re almost into October, and there’s no pretending summer might have one last hurrah. Sigh!

Here’s our whirlwind month in snaps.


1. We’ve set a wedding date for next August! We don’t exactly have a venue just yet, but we have a lot of casual ‘oh don’t worry, we’ll sort you out!’ promises from local farmers with barns, which I’m hoping it pretty much the same thing…


2. A happy weekend at the Good Life Experience, along with lots of friends from Sisterhood & Instagram. Orla loved sleeping under canvas again, plus the free wooden fairground rides, campfires and food.  A girl after my own heart! & yes, she’s wearing pyjamas, wellies and a teddy bear coat here. This wasn’t my choice.


3. Autumntime, and the photos are easy. The cold weather has truly hit in Yorkshire – we’ve lit the fire and have a delivery of wood scheduled for next week. I’ve just ordered a big blankety cape, as the landscape basically demanded it.


4. I’ve been slowly and systematically decluttering and unraveling my photos, thanks to this e-course from Life:Captured. I’m finally feeling like my minimalism truly extends to my harddrive as well as my home – a proper post on all of that coming v soon!


5. Savoury danishes. Need I say more? Recipe is in development – coming soon!

I’ve also been involved with some fab projects and collabs elsewhere, including an article I wrote for the Folksy blog about hashtagging like a pro on Instagram. Take a look at my press & features page to catch up!

Hope September has been good to you! Link me up with your posts from this month, so I can catch up on what I’ve missed!

  • Fab cape! Which colour did you go for? Every girl needs a cape. Please don’t tell me it’s nearly October!

  • I may have to be there at your wedding shouting objection to you marrying Rory if you perfect that danish recipe – is that modelled on the ones in Slaithwaite? Research trip? I haven’t been there since we last went with you guys and had kind of (dare I say it) forgotten my love for them…

    Also, Orla looks awesome! Rock that free spirit little one, who cares what mama thinks!?

  • Oh don’t even mention October, time flies by insanely fast and I don’t like it. But I’ve always loved autumn so much and this year I’ve promised myself to find a way to enjoy it more than ever and not miss a single little thing about it πŸ™‚

    Yaay for Orla’s teddy bear coat, I wish I had one of those back when I was a child.

  • Congrats for setting your wedding date! I’m sure everything will come together in good time. Your photos are always so lovely! Bring on October, I cannot wait!x

    • Thanks Eleanor! I’m glad someone has faith, at least! πŸ˜‰ October is looking pretty good so far, I must admit x

  • Sheona

    Savoury Danishes… Hmm, I’m going to take some convincing that they are an OK food.

    Big blankety cape looks amazing! X

    • they are made from bread, just rolled like a danish so its totes ok! You know I wouldn’t mix my savoury and sweet. x

  • Alessia Gandolfo

    Just discovered your blog and fell in love πŸ™‚ and thanks for the instagram tips

    • Thanks Alessia! So lovely to have you here πŸ™‚ xxx

  • Those wedding dresses! Ugh I love the blush and off-white. I wanted my dress in blush, but settled for ivory since our wedding is in a month. This post is full of beautiful photos!

    • this is my current dilemma! I’m always drawn to all things blush, but I feel pretty sure my wedding has no room for anything but white. blush or white? it’s such a tough call… Good luck with your wedding! I want pics! x

      • I feel the same way! I’ve decided that I’ll do an anniversary dress in blush someday. Maybe for our fifth or tenth wedding anniversary. I’ll post photos and tell you when they’re up after the wedding! πŸ™‚