Well, hello there!

I’m Sara – 40% photographer, 40% writer, 40% coach and 10% cake. I’m also terrible at maths.

In 2015, I left my NHS day job to turn my internet passions into a shiny new business. As I walked out the door, my manager said “I hope the internet bubble doesn’t burst too soon.”

Now, 6 or so years on, I travel the world for speaking work, run a multi-six-figure business and do the work that I love more than anything: helping other creatives & dreamers to make it happen for them, too.

My work has been featured in The Guardian, The Independent, Buzzfeed, Stylist Magazine, Vice and on BBC Radio and News.
I was runner-up for Natwest’s Creative Entrepreneur of the Year Award, won Content of the Year in the Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards and named as “one of the UK’s most influential entrepreneurs” by Royal Bank of Scotland.
My book, Hashtag Authentic, hit the UK bestseller’s chart, and my podcast of the same name is regularly an iTunes number one.

I live in rural Yorkshire, England with my husband and our daughter, Orla. We relocated to this little village after a lifetime in the city, hoping to slow down, simplify and stop worrying about stupid stuff. My next big dream is to take a similar leap into rural France – find a crumbling farmhouse and piece it back together, bit by bit.
(When I make my mind up to do something, it generally happens – so consider yourself invited to the creative retreat I’ll be running there, someday in the future. We’ll drink cheap local rose, loll about in a meadowy garden, and feel the sun on the backs of our neck.)

This site is a gathering of all of my offerings; a record of thoughts, revelations, and shopping lists, but also my classes, my work in the world, and the free things I make to help anyone starting from a similar place.

Instagram changed my life

In January 2013, on maternity leave from the NHS awaiting the birth of my daughter, I started a photo-a-day project on Instagram. By April that year, I’d hit 35k followers, and my account, business and mind has continued to grow ever since.

I always considered myself a writer more than a photographer, so this blog sprang up as a place to spill all those extra words.

Since then it has evolved to become the foundation for all my online work and a springboard for some of my biggest & wildest dreams. I’m passionate about helping other women and creatives find their online voice, because I know first-hand how often those voices are silenced – and all of the huge and brilliant changes rediscovering it can bring.

You might like to know…

  • I have a chronic health condition called Dysautonomia, and a diagnosis of ADHD
  • I consider myself a ‘webtrovert’ – neither introverted or extraverted, but simply happiest online
  • I’m annoyingly tenacious once I make my mind up to do something
  • I’m enchanted by ruined buildings. I honestly thought this was a universal thing until well into my 30s when I discovered not everyone shares the same fairytale fascination with them as me
  • I’m a sucker for an animal rescue or anything with cute eyes. At current count, I have three cats, a dog, 3 budgies and a cockatiel