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My book is here!

What if social media isn’t ruining your life? In fact, what if it can transform it for the better?

Hashtag Authentic draws on the lessons I’ve learned over the past 5 years online, to provide you with the essential tips, strategies and guidance on growing an online audience with heart and soul.

From the secrets of visual storytelling and crafting thumb-stopping Instagram photographs, to archiving your day-to-day life and remaining authentic to yourself, this book is intended as an inspiring manual and an interactive tool for finding your online voice, growing a tribe and using those skills to change your life, and – just possibly – your world.

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Oh, Hello there!

I’m Sara


40% photographer, 40% writer, 30% business coach and 10% cake. I’m also terrible at maths.

The internet, especially Instagram changed my life, so I make things to help it do the same for you.

On this site you’ll also find my thoughts, my work, and my continuing quest for the perfect under-eye concealer.
I hope all three prove useful to you on your adventures x


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I’ve made a few things for you!

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Hashtag Authentic

A Podcast for Online Creatives


Each week we dig into the different aspects of sharing our work online, and talk to the people who are figuring it all out. From the practical to the emotional, Hashtag Authentic covers all areas of creative life to dose you up on inspiration & information, and help you feel a lot less alone.

Next opens in January

A Complete Course for Instagram

Do you ever look at popular Instagram accounts and wonder how they do it? What are they doing that you aren’t? How are they making this work?

You’ve read all the ‘IG advice’ blog posts, maybe sat through a webinar or two, and nothing much happened. What gives? What’s the secret here?

Honestly? You’re only being given half of the picture.

The truth is that there isn’t just one magic trick – which is why I’ve put together a whole brilliant box of them.

This course is my baby; an all-inclusive handbook for Instagram success, full of all the tricks and strategies I’ve gleaned from growing my own 200k+ Verified account, and four solid years of mentoring people just like you.

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A free ebook

A 7 day guide to a better Instagram

Have you ever felt like your Instagram potential is going untapped?
Perhaps you look at others and wonder why their accounts are so much more popular?
Or you pour over images by your favourite iPhone photographers and wonder how on earth they do it?

These are the questions I get asked the most: can you give me any tips? And my answer is always, YES, but we’d need a whole week just to cover the basics!

So, here is that week.

Whether you’re a creative, a company, a blogger or a professional, instagram clout goes a long way to creating buzz, traffic and even revenue when you get the magic formula just right.

If you’re looking to grow your Instagram, create the best images you can and find & engage with your true audience, you’re in the right place.

In 7 days and 7 challenges, you will refine, revamp and reinvigorate your account to create a true reflection of yourself and your online direction.

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Video Tutorials

& some dreamy little vlogs


Some things are just best shown in motion – so despite my terror of talking to a camera, I’ve begun to share some videos over on my YouTube channel…