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BBC Radio Four – Money Box

May 2022 – Employer disability provisions for Long Covid/ME. Go Now

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May 2022 – Influencer culture and legislation report


April 2022 – How does quitting social media actually help your mental health? Go Now


January 2022 – How to have a healthier relationship with social media in 2022. Go Now


 December 2021 – How to find balance living with chronic illness. Go Now


July 2021 – What is rejection sensitive dysphoria? Go Now


January 2021 – Could hiring a campervan as a home office be the future of remote working? Go Now

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September 2020 – Introverts: this is why working from home is the wake-up call you never knew you needed. Go Now

Stylist Magazine

September 2020 – Why lockdown has given introverts the permission they need to break free and thrive. Go Now


April 2020 – The #StayHome doorstep photo challenge. Go Now


April 2020 – #StayHome Instagram Photo Challenge (Dutch language site). Go Now

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January 2020 – Would you follow this man on Instagram?. Go Now

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

January 2020 – CEOs on Instagram, expert comment


January 2020 – These 16 Introvert Tweets Say It All About Loving Alone Time. Go Now

The Metro

December 2019 – Mum creates a magical hideaway for her daughter in the dead space in her loft. Go Now

BBC Radio 4, Saturday PM

November 2019 – How to take great smartphone photographs

The Guardian

November 2019 – How to have the money conversation. Go Now

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November 2019 – People are photoshopping their knuckles on Instagram to create ‘perfect’ fingers. Go Now

Daily Mail

November 2019 – People are using photoshop to create ‘perfect’ knuckles. Go Now

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November 2019 – Instagram Likes are bad for us. Go Now

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November 2019 – Bonkers new Instagram trends. Go Now

The Metro

November 2019 – People are getting into debt for the perfect Instagram photo. Go Now

Herald Scotland

November 2019 – Royal Bank will kick-start campaign for women in business in Glasgow. Go Now

BBC Radio 4

October 2019 – PM, re: Instagram and Facebook trialling hiding like counts

The Telegraph

September 2019 -New Instagram rules … are they censoring ‘body positive’ content? Go Now

The Guardian

September 2019 – The hell of life admin. Go Now

BBC News

August 2019 – Instagram Influencers: Have we stopped believing? Go Now

The Sun

August 2019 – Meet the social media stars leading a backlash against body shaming. Go Now

BBC News

July 2019 – Why paying for followers and likes is bad news for Instagram. Go Now


July 2019 – Instagram is trialling hiding like counts. Go Now

Mollie Makes

May 2019 – How to work with influencers. Go Now

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May 2019 – Instagram addicts pay £70 for fake holiday snaps. Go Now

The Sun

March 2019 – New mum turned her Instagram account into £250000 business. Go Now

Vice ID

March 2019 – Why do we still not trust influencers? Go Now

Comic Relief UK

Feb 2019 – Red Nose Day. Go Now

Stylist Magazine

Feb 2019 – How becoming the breadwinner changed my relationship. Go Now


Feb 2019 – We all know about workplace stress, but let’s not forget self-employed stress. Go Now


Feb 2019 – Brexit Anxiety is very real. Go Now

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October 2018 – Inside the world of Instagram: the influencers who make a living from sponsored posts. Go Now

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September 2018 – This woman received death threats for posting her perfect morning online. Go Now

In the Moment Magazine

September 2018 – Hobbies for creative growth (column)

Cosmopolitan Magazine

August 2018 – “Meet the most influential people in the UK”. Go Now

In the Moment Magazine

August 2018 – Moments of Silence (column)

The Irish Examiner

July 2018 – The filter of parenthood through the lens of social media. Go Now

Raw Milk Podcast

July 2018 – Running A Multiple Six-Figure Business From Your Phone. Go Now


June 2018 – While its rivals make headlines for all the wrong reasons, Instagram is quietly upping its game. Go Now

There Are Other Ways podcast

June 2018 – Building a business that works for you. Go Now


May 2018 – How Instagram ran amok with our holidays. Go Now


May 2018 – How to Make Money on Instagram Even if You Don’t Have Millions of Followers. Go Now


April 2018 – Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards / Content of the Year. Go Now

Make It Happen podcast

April 2018 – The other side of success. Go Now

Stylist Magazine

March 2018 – Genius Twitter thread pinpoints friendship ‘green flags’. Go Now

Red Magazine

March 2018 – ‘Stop slagging off instagram’. Go Now

In the Moment magazine

March 2018 – In The Moment Magazine issue 4 goes on sale in the UK. Go Now

The Independent IE

March 2018 – Are you a Micro Cheater? Relationships in the social media age. Go Now

Project Calm magazine

February 2018 – Podcast feature for Hashtag Authentic. Go Now

Creative Boom

February 2018 – 40 best creative podcasts to liven up your commute. Go Now

The Independent

January 2018 – How Instagram Stories have transformed the way we keep in touch with our exes. Go Now

What She Said Podcast

November 2017 – Meeting The Instagram Queen Sara Tasker. Go Now

You Magazine, The Mail On Sunday

November 2017 – The Country Cottage, reframed. Go Now

Mollie Makes Magazine

November 2017 – 5 creative podcasts you need to listen to. Go Now

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards

November 2017 – Creative Entrepreneur of the Year Award finalist. Go Now

Mother & Baby Magazine

October 2017 – Having a baby changed my life. Go Now

My Open Kitchen podcast

October 2017 – Series 3, Episode 2. Go Now

Courage & Spice Podcast

September 2017 – Success & Self Doubt with Sara Tasker. Go Now

In The Moment Magazine

September 2017 – Podcast feature

Mollie Makes – No Filter

September 2017 – The new rules for creatives on Instagram

Mollie Makes magazine

September 2017 – The Back Page Project

The Guardian

August 2017  – #nofilter: the Instagramers getting real about parenting. Go Now

BBC World Service

July 2017 – Rise of the Social Media Influencers. Go Now

Verily Magazine

June 2017 – How to use Instagram in a healthy way, with Instagram Expert Sara Tasker. Go Now

Made Online Podcast

June 2017 – Episode 2: Sara Tasker. Go Now

The Guardian

May 2017 – Putting you in the picture: yes, you can earn a living on Instagram. Go Now

Tea & Tattle Podcast

May 2017 – Episode 29: A Chat with Sara Tasker. Go Now

Mollie Makes

May 2017 – Mollie Makes meets Sara Tasker. Go Now

91 Magazine

May 2017 – Slow Living Interiors feature. Go Now

Laurence King Publishing

April 2017 -Read This If You Want To Be Instagram Famous. Go Now

Mollie Makes Magazine

March 2017 – At home with Sara Tasker/ Go Now

Stylist Magazine

March 2017 – Win a Complete Instagram Masterclass with Sara Tasker. Go Now

The Girl Gang Conversations Podcast

January 2017 – Navigating Authenticity vs Curation online. Go Now

Kodak Ektra Launch

December 2016 – Live Q&A at Pop Up Store. Go Now


December 2016 – 32 Instagrams That Will Make You Feel Less Shitty About Everything. Go Now

Mollie Makes

December 2016 – Creative Digital Strategy for 2017. Go Now


December 2016 – Changemaker feature. Go Now

Open House Magazine (print)

December 2016 – House tour & feature

BBC Radio 5

December 2016 – moving to the countryside


December 2016 – Get creative with Instagram. Go Now


November 2016 – Meet Sara Tasker. Go Now

Blogtacular Podcast

November 2016 – Episode 013: Sara Tasker. Go Now

91 Magazine

November 2016 – E-courses for creatives. Go Now

Being Freelance Podcast

October 2016 – Instagram changed my life. Go Now

Feel Good Reads 2016

October 2016 – 70+ Reads that Made Us Feel Good in 2016. Go Now

Janet Murray Soulful PR Podcast

September 2016 – How to use Instagram to promote your business. Go Now

Panorama Road

September 2016 – How to earn £1k a month or more blogging. Go Now


September 2016 – 5 Minutes with Sara Tasker. Go Now

Citroen Worldwide

August 2016 – Daily Roadtrip project. Go Now

The Early Hour

August 2016 – Families of Instagram. Go Now

Milk Magazine

August 2016 – Sara Tasker Feature

The Simple Things magazine (print)

August 2016 – House Tour / Interiors Feature


July 2016 – In conversation with Sara Tasker. Go Now

Stylist Magazine

July 2016 – How to plan an unwedding. Go Now

at{mine} insider

June 2016 – Insiders 34: Sara Tasker. Go Now

Seno & Coseno

June 2016 – Me & Luke Skywalker feature. Go Now

Inkifi blog

May 2016 – Magic in the mundane. Go Now

Inkifi blog

May 2016 – Creative selfies & including yourself in your images. Go Now

Standard Issue Magazine

May 2016 – Under the Influence. Go Now

iPhone photography school

April 2016 – interview feature. Go Now

Ideal Home magazine

April 2016 – interiors feature

Stylist Magazine

April 2016 – working from cafes for freelance success. Go Now

Radio Times

April 2016 – Me & Luke Skywalker. Go Now


April 2016 – Me & Luke Skywalker. Go Now

iPhone Photography school

April 2016 – 8 iPhone Still Life Photographers You Must Follow On Instagram. Go Now

Make it Happen podcast

March 2016 – Instagram, putting yourself out there & balancing motherhood. Go Now

Stylist online

March 2016 – “How I made my dream career come true with Instagram”. Go Now

91 Magazine

March 2016 – Our pick of styling courses. Go Now

Stylist Magazine

February 2016 – Moving to the countryside. Go Now

Inkifi Blog

February 2016 – Simple rules for beautiful composition. Go Now

Social Pictures

February 2016 – Land Rover Campaign. Go Now

Rowdy Roddy Vintage

January 2016 – Mummy Mondays Interview. Go Now

Koronette Magazine

January 2016 – Interview & feature. Go Now

Standard Issue

January 2016 – Rated or dated: Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI. Go Now

Standard Issue

January 2016 – Put on your shitkickers & kick out some shit. Go Now

Standard Issue

December 2015 – A quick-fire guide to better iPhone photography. Go Now

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December 2015 – Insta Mamas. Go Now

Mode Stories UK (video)

December 2015 – Getting to know lifestyle blogger Sara Tasker . Go Now


December 2015 – Winter Workshop for Bloggers. Go Now

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November 2015 – ‘True Story: I’m Famous* on Instagram’. Go Now


October 2015 – Instagram Takeover. Go Now

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October 2015 – Words from the Wild. Go Now

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September 2015 – How to use hashtags on Instagram – without making a hash of it! Go Now

Laura Ashley Blog

September 2015 – #LAGBBO: Sara’s brilliant biscotti. Go Now

Secret Linen Blog

September 2015 – Molly Meets Sara Tasker. Go Now

Belinda Love Lee

August 2015 – Honest Tid Bits Q&A. Go Now

A Quiet Style

August 2015 – A shared style / Orla’s room. Go Now

Laura Ashley blog

August 2015 – LA Home Hits on Instagram. Go Now


August 2015 – The Good Life Dress. Go Now

Hey Mama

August 2015 – Me & Orla, on when to make the leap to full-time blogging. Go Now

Laura Ashley blog

August 2015 – #LAGBBO: The great blogger bake off. Go Now


July 2015 – Interview: Sara Tasker of Me&Orla. Go Now

Nuffnang UK

July 2015 – blogger of the month. Go Now

Canon UK

June 2015 – Instagram takeover from L’Eroica Britannia. Go Now

The Indigo Crew

May 2015 – 10 questions with Sara Tasker. Go Now

Little Kin Photography

May 2015 – Columbia Road Flower Market with Me & Orla. Go Now

Kodak Moments

April 2015 – Instagram takeover. Go Now

Cordella Magazine

April 2015 – Issue 3. Go Now

Darling Magazine

April 2015 – Various image features. Go Now

Toast Travels

March 2015 – A recipe for my daughter. Go Now

The Great Boden Diaries

March 2014 – Instagram’s biggest hits. Go Now

Enfants Terribles Magazine

March 2015 – Instagram crush: Me & Orla. Go Now

Hippie in Disguise

March 2015 – Inspiring mother – Me & Orla. Go Now

Instagram Blog (image feature)

February 2015 – Manchester Gallery reconnects with its surroundings . Go Now

Glam UK

February 2015 – Me & Orla’s DIY wooden poster hanger. Go Now

Bloom & Wild

December 2014 – Me & Orla’s Simply Beautiful Christmas. Go Now

Radio 4 iPM

November 2014 – ‘the edited highlights of my life’ feature. Go Now

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November 2014 – Me & Orla feature. Go Now

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November 2014 – the loveliest new lineup. Go Now

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November 2014 – A blogger’s dozen: walnut and maple biscotti. Go Now

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October 2014 – Profile Sara Tasker. Go Now

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October 2014 – Me & Orla: My favourite flower. Go Now

Betty Magazine (print edition)

September 2014 – ‘In the English countryside…’. Go Now

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September 2014 – New Talent, Sara Tasker. Go Now

V&A Museum

August 2014 – Horst: Photographer of Style competition weekly winner. Go Now

Free People Blog

August 2014 – A day in the English Countryside.  Go Now

Instagram Blog

April 2014 – Mother’s Day UK. Go Now