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I’m Sara – 40% photographer, 40% writer, 30% creative coach and 10% cake. I’m also terrible at maths.

I live in rural Yorkshire, England with my husband and our daughter, Orla. We relocated to this little village in the hills after a lifetime in the city, hoping to slow down, simplify and stop worrying about stupid stuff. 

This is my online journal; a record of thoughts, revelations, recipes, shopping lists & things I ate in cafes. I heard the internet needed more of these things. 


In January 2013, on maternity leave from the NHS awaiting the birth of my daughter, I started a photo-a-day project on Instagram. By April that year I’d hit 35k followers, and continued to grow ever since.

I always considered myself a writer more than a photographer, so this blog sprang up as a place to spill all those extra words.

Since then it has evolved to become the foundation for all my online work and a springboard for some of my biggest & wildest dreams. I’m passionate about helping other women and creatives find their online voice, because I know first-hand all of the huge and brilliant changes it can bring.

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You’ll sometimes find sponsored content here –  always clearly disclosed, with any free samples I received clearly indicated. Links will sometimes be via affiliate sites, which means I receive a small amount of revenue per click. I work to maintain integrity and honesty in my posts, and only feature brands that align to my own values & beliefs.

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