Podcast 39: Going ‘online only’, & being raw on Stories, with Charlotte Jacklin

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“The more mundane my Stories, the more replies I get.”

Charlotte Jacklin took the decision in 2017 to take Betty Magazine from a print publication to an online brand. We talk about jumping before being pushed, being totally unglam on Instagram Stories and the surprising pleasure of Facebook groups.

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Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Taking the leap from a print magazine to online-only
  • The joy of Facebook groups (even for people who hate Facebook)
  • Using Twitter in a postive way
  • Having boundaries (and discovering what they are!)
  • The happy brilliance of Instagram
  • The Grid vs. Stories
  • The benefits of sharing messy real life on Stories
  • Instagram Live vs Facebook Live, and the power of live broadcasting
  • Stories as its own social media platform
  • Visibility and vulnerability
  • Dealing with negative feedback vs constructive feedback
  • Using polls to talk to your audience
  • Face to face events versus online-only work
  • The January Fear and the pressure of a new year
  • Realising that fear is what’s holding us back – not laziness or busyness!

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