Podcast 5 – Avoiding the comparison trap

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Comparison is the thief of joy’.

We’ve all heard, read or pinned it on Pinterest, but how can we keep our worry about other people’s success in perspective, and avoid falling into the comparison trap? This week I share lessons about learning from our envy at other people’s achievements, and how to handle the fear of failure when it hits.

Things I mention in this episode:

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  • Paula Solar

    Starting with the superficial comment, your voice sounds incredibly sweet in this episode!

    Here comes another much needed podcast full of advice and understanding. In my case I don’t think I compare myself with others that much. I mean of course I’ve seen photos on Instagram by people I admire (Ana Buho or Hello Emilie to name a couple and you of course, but that goes without saying) and thought “I wish I could do something like that or be as good as them”, it’s only natural. But at the end of the day there is only one me, as there is only one you, etc. So if I really wanted to be like them I would be doing exactly the same thing, and I am not, or so I think. Comparison is dangerous, it could lead to copying.

    So I guess that my biggest enemy is confidence, or self-esteem, both connected. And in a way it’s got a lot to do with comparison, especially if you compare what you do to what you really want to do. It’s not a realistic thing I know, but there it is. And the advice you’re giving applies to that too.

    As for the podcast, this being episode 5, I’m loving it more and more. And I hardly listened to podcasts before! Not even in my own language. Trust me, it is that good.

    ps. I find inspiration in the “Before…” trilogy, especially “Before Sunset”. And of course Gilmore Girls. And wine.

  • Rebecca George

    thank you thank you thank you! This was just what I needed to hear today. I’m on a pendulum swing back and forth between confidence and comparison. So grateful for the ideas and encouragement!

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  • Wild & Grizzly

    This one is fab! Loving these Sara and maybe considering a creative lifecoach, do you have any you’d recommend? x

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