Being a multi-hatted freelancer, with Anna Codrea-Rado

“You are the CEO, the Head of Finance, the Head of Technology. You are also the worker, the employee. And you’re the Head of Marketing, the Head of Sales. You wear all of these hats.” – Anna Codrea-Rado

Today I welcome Anna Codrea-Rado back to the podcast to introduce her brand-new book-baby, “You’re the Business,” and we delve into the ins and outs (and ups and downs) of being a freelancer or micro-business owner in a time of high uncertainty and change.

Things we talk about in this episode

  • Anna and I discuss the difference between the business of writing, and the writing of writing
  • The fear that so many of us feel when it comes to showing up, and putting ourselves out there or “being seen to try.” Anna says this is “straight-up embarrassment,” and we feel this way whenever we step outside the norm (even if we are embarrassed for positive reasons, like receiving a compliment)
  • In addition to this, she says that what holds us back post-pandemic, is “very low emotional reserves.” All of us have a lower baseline of resilience which makes pitching scarier, and rejection harder to take
  • Recognising when you’re in burnout (and remembering that you don’t have to have all the answers before you’re allowed to help anyone else!)
  • Defining freelancing and the many roles that freelancers need to play. Learning to be both boss and employee, and knowing when to shift between these roles
  • Seeking a balance between working on the business versus in the business. Anna says she spends 20 percent of her time actually writing… but she’s working on increasing this!
  • The bonkers (Anna’s word but I wholeheartedly agree!) corporate system that rewards creative people for doing a good job by making them managers – a completely different skill-set and a role that a lot of creative people don’t actually aspire to take on
  • Working with people in your business from a place of collaboration, rather than management
  • Getting comfortable with sales (and moving on from the sleazy door-to-door salesman stereotype)
  • “Dirty capitalism” versus “clean capitalism” (in other words, the conflict-that-shouldn’t-be-a-conflict of doing the right thing while also making money)

Links from this episode

Where to find Anna online

  • Anna’s podcast, Is this working?, which she co-hosts with Tiffany Philippou
  • Anna on Twitter (she’s @annacod)
  • Anna on Instagram (she’s @annacod there too)